Returning of Convocation Attire & Issuance of Souvenir Items

Graduates are required to return their convocation attire at the venue that they have registerd on-line. Change of venue for returning the attire is not allowed.

For those who have not registerd on-line, they may return the convocation attire:

  1. either at Kampar campus on the same day after their convocation session
  2. or at Department of Alumni Relations and Placement office, Sungai Long Campus, 20 March 2017 only

After the deadline of Returning Convocation Attire, i.e on 20 March 2017, a late penalty fee of RM10.00 per working day (late) will be imposed on the graduate concerned, until the full amount of deposit is forfeited.

Charges may be imposed to a graduated if the convocation attire is damaged (defined and determined by the Supplier as either torn/tattered/stained/discoloured or in such condition not fit to be worn for Convocation) or lost.


Souvenir items, Certificates and Academic Transcripts will be issued to the graduate upon returning of the convocation attire and payment of any charges imposed on him/her is fully settled.


e-Album will be available via the UTAR Cloud Drive, starting from the next day of the last convocation session.


However, for those who wish to return their full set of convocation attire on the same day after their convocation session, they can only collect their stage photographs at the venue they opt to collect the stage photographs on 20 March 2017. From 21 March 2017 to 21 June 2017, you or your appointed agent will only be able to collect the stage photo at UTAR appointed official photographer office (Fotorex Holding Sdn Bhd) (Jaya One, Petaling Jaya)