Convocation Procedures

Graduands must observe the following procedures:

  1. Registration - Please be punctual!
    Please refer to the Schedule for Registration of Graduands on Convocation Day for the date and time of your registration.
  2. Robing Room
    Dressed in your convocation attire in the Robing Room.
    (Do not leave valuables or personal belongings in the Robing Room. UTAR is NOT responsible for any damage or lost items in the room)
  3. Lining up
    Follow instructions of UTAR staff to line up accordingly and remember to bring along your Bar Code Card.
  4. Graduand Procession
    Follow the marshals into the hall to your seat.
  5. Going on stage
    Follow the marshals to line up to the stage.
  6. Receiving your scroll
    The marshals will guide you accordingly.

    When your name is announced, please
    • Walk towards the Guest of Honour
    • Shake his/her hand
    • Accept the scroll with both hands
    • Thank him/her
    • Walk back to your seat


  (i) Observe the dress code
  (ii) Bring
    (a) Your Convocation Bar Code Card
    (b) Hair pins and safety pins
  (iii) Please inform your parents/guests to leave the Convocation hall after the Ceremony to wait for you outside the hall.