Student Services

Why Study in UTAR

We have all the right reasons: the Malaysian cultural diversity, quality and recognition, industry-relevant courses, holistic learning experience, better employability, adequate facilities, and culture of lifelong learning.

Malaysian Diversity

Environment conducive for study

In the age of globalisation, international exposure and experience provide graduates with a definite competitive edge. UTAR is an ideal destination for international students who wish to experience the wealth of a vibrant campus culture amidst the warm hospitality of a multicultural Malaysian way of life.

UTAR Biotechnology students, Elaine Tong and Phuah Bee Hong (front) receiving practical training in the Department of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore

Accreditation and Recognition

All UTAR programmes have been approved by the MoHE of Malaysia. To ensure and maintain quality assurance, MoHE also requires programmes to be accredited before their students can graduate with a recognised award. The University is proud that all UTAR Bachelor degree programmes assessed by the MoHE have received full accreditation status.

Practical Training

UTAR students are encouraged to participate in practical training or industrial attachments even where this component is not compulsory for their programme. We believe that industrial attachments serve at least dual purposes: giving the students an opportunity to practise what they have learnt in class and secondly, to give them a feel of the real-world working environment.

This industrial attachment component of the programmes also provides opportunities for lecturers and students to return to the University with valuable feedback regarding latest industry practices and potential ideas for collaborative research. You will experience comprehensive facilitating services and support as an international student in UTAR.

Value-Added Services

Eva Tiong Vunjia, a UTAR Biotechnology student, showing the fungus culture that she prepared at Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory, Singapore.

UTAR has established various departments and units, which include the following ones, to provide value-added services.

International Development Unit:

  • One-stop service centre for you as an international student
  • Assisting you all the way from application to immigration procedures
  • Your 'anytime friendly contact' when you are in Malaysia

Alumni and Placement Office:

  • Strong industry links and trained personnel to assist and counsel you for job placements
  • Provision for industrial training placements where relevant
  • Information on postgraduate studies and financial assistance
  • Your link with your alma mater and fellow alumni when you have graduated
Soft Skills Competency Unit:
  • We know what employers look for in fresh graduates and potential employees.
  • We can help you to acquire additional workplace skills to enhance your employability
Department of Student Affairs:
  • A very busy Department facilitating co-curricular activities for you
  • More than 40 clubs and societies and growing to suit your interests
  • Assistance towards your participation in the various activities within and outside the University, etc
Medium of Instruction

English is the main medium of instruction. Malay language is used in the four LAN (National Accreditation Board) subjects (not required for international students), and Chinese in certain modules in the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies.

Culture of Lifelong Learning

Experienced, qualified academic staff provide the basis for effective curricula as well as delivery methods and good facilitators. Many of the teaching staff hold doctorate degrees with substantive teaching and industry experience, locally and overseas. But we are not stopping there. A vigorous Staff Development Programme encourages and supports faculty and staff to further their qualifications and knowledge to build a strong repository for research.

The UTAR Library

UTAR library

UTAR accords high importance to the building up of library reference materials for general knowledge, studies and research. The UTAR Library comprises a main library and three faculty libraries, all linked by an integrated library automation system.

The Library is well-provided with print and electronic resources which include more than 4,000 e-journals, online foreign newspapers and databases to support learning and research. It also includes 4,000 full-text Master's and doctoral e-dissertations in the areas of humanities and ICT.

ICT Facilities

Computer and internet centre

  • More than 88 computer labs
  • More than 2,500 personal computers
  • High-end laboratory equipment for teaching and research
  • A wireless campus with access to the Internet anywhere, anytime
  • Convenient online applications - for payment of fees, enquiries, information support, etc.