Sponsorship for Outbound Student Programmes (Overseas)

Sponsorship for Outbound Student Programmes (Overseas)


A. Eligibility


  1. The Sponsorship for Outbound Student Programmes are only eligible for the following programmes as belows:

1.1          Academic Exchange for one Semester and above

1.2          Internship in Overseas Universities  

1.3          Study Tours


  1. Only for full time students who apply for academic credit transfer.


  1. All students not under probation i.e normal students status are eligible to apply for the sponsorship.


  1. Student who have received other sponsorship from UTAR, local or overseas institutions are not eligible to apply. Students are allowed to apply for this sponsorship one time only during their studies at UTAR.



 B. The quantum of sponsorship is given as shown below:


  1. For student(s) who apply for:

1.1          Academic exchange for one semester and above

1.2          Internship in overseas Universities.



Sponsorship of cash

For students going to Japan/ Korea/ US/ Europe/ Australia/ New Zealand/ Canada


For a maximum of RM1,500

For students going to other Asian countries


For a maximum of RM1,000

 For students going to other countries not mentioned above


To be recommended by the Outbound Student Programmes One stop Center and approved by VP (IAD), but not more than RM1,500



1.3          Study Tours for less than one trimester


 Sponsorship (Category A)


Student Representative Committee (SRC)/ Campus Representative,
Exco Members of SRC/ Faculty Representative, Chairman of Clubs & Societies, Exco Members of Clubs & Societies/ Class Representative



RM 500

Organising Committee of events/ sports activities organized by Faculties/ Institutes/ Centres/ Divisions/ Departments and Student’s Club and Societies

a)    Main Committee (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer and Auditor)

b)    Sub-Committee (As per verified by Faculties/ Institutes/ Centres/ divisions/ Departments)







Sponsorship (Category B)

President’s List, Dean’s List (based on the results slip of the immediate last trimester),



Competition Award Recipient (Represented UTAR or the state in national or local events in the past one year)



 Sponsorship (Category C)

Registered USSDC and collected minimum points of 10 points



Collected USSDC points (11 to 50 points)



Collected USSDC points (51 to 100 points)



Collected USSDC points (101 to 125 points)



Collected USSDC points (126 points and above)



Remark: The source of sponsorship comes from varies corporations and companies.


C. Application Procedure


  1. Applicants shall submit their application for sponsorship to Outbound Student Programmes One Stop Centre for processing, with recommendation from faculty.


  1. Students who qualify for more than one position/ achievement in any one category are eligible for only ONE and the HIGHEST sponsorship.


  1. Completed application form must be submitted to the Outbound Student Programmes One Stop Centre at least ONE month before the departure date.


  1. The decision by the University shall be deemed final.


Uploaded as at 11 Oct 2016