R&D and Commercialization
Introduction of R&D and Commercialization
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Introduction of R&D and Commercialisation


Overview of R&D and Commercialisation



The office of the Vice President (R&D and Commercialization) is responsible for the management of R&D and Commercialisation in the University which encompasses budgetary requirement, research planning, implementation and monitoring of research projects and research related activities including commercialization of research outputs and enhancing consultancy services to the industries and private sector.


In addition, the Vice President (RDC) is also responsible for the management of UTAR postgraduate programmes as well as the development and management of ICT to support the research, teaching & learning and administrative needs of the University.


The departments/centres under the Vice President (RDC) include the following:



Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation (DCC)

Institute of Postgraduate Studies & Research (IPSR)

Software Development & Multimedia Services Centre (SODEMC)

IT Infrastructure and Support Centre (ITISC)

Big Data and Analytics Unit.