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  Session Organization

PIERS General Guidelines- For Session Organizers


For session organization, please go to PIERS SURVEY


Session organizers or invited participants may be receiving multiple invitations from members of the various PIERS Committees or other session organizers. One need not be overly concerned with a session topic that might be in conflict or overlapping with topics of other sessions. Multiple sessions in the same technical area will serve to enhance the strength and interest of the area at the Symposium. The Technical Committee will schedule sessions of similar topics at different times over the Symposium period.


Each organized session should have eight to eleven papers that will not be subject to the regular review cycle. The session organizers have full authority in soliciting and accepting papers for the session. The allocated presentation time for each paper is 20 minutes that includes the time for questions from the audience. Each author is limited to presenting no more than three papers (including poster papers) at the symposium and is required to register in advance. The names of the session organizers will be listed under PIERS organization on the web page, and in the printed version of all PIERS publications when more than 8 papers of an organized session are received. Each session is limited to no more than 2 organizers and the session organizer can designate a chair and a co-chair for the session. Only registered participant can be designated as a session chair to avoid no show onsite.


There is no financial subsistence provided for session organizers, session chairs, and all invitees. All the PIERS participants including session organizer, chairs and invitees are required to register and pay registration fee. Kindly note that there is no invited category in PIERS Publications (Final Program, Abstracts & Proceedings).


Please pay attention to the following items for a successful session:


1. After fill out the PIERS survey and approved by PIERS committee, you will receive an email with login username and password to administrate your organized session. Do visit your session webpage if you are the first time to organize session in PIERS.
2.The most important step to a successful session is to collect high-valued technical contributions from your colleagues, who are leading a team and/or working in the proposed research field. You are suggested to remind your invitees about PIERS policy of no financial subsistence and no invited category in advance.
3. Do send out emails to invite and remind your colleagues to join your session by indicating your name in online submission process.
4. You will be requested to review the extended papers in your session via email. Please return your review comments within 1~2 week.
5. Please remind the author to pre-register the paper in your session before you arrange the paper orders. To avoid NO SHOW, only registered paper will be scheduled in the program.

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