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  Conference Topics

PIERS topics include, but are not limited to:

1  Electromagnetic theory 2  Computational  electromagnetics, hybrid methods
3  Spectra, time, and frequency domain techniques   4  Fast iteration, large scale and parallel computation
5  Transmission lines and waveguide discontinuities  6  Resonators, filters, interconnects,  packaging, MMIC
7  Antenna theory and radiation   8  Microstrip and printed antennas,  phase array antennas
9  RF and wireless communication, multipath   10  Mobile antennas,  conformal and smart skin antennas
11  Power electronics, superconducting devices  12  Systems and components, electromagnetic compatibility
13  Nano scale electromagnetics, MEMS  14  Magnetic levitation, transportation  and collision avoidance
15  Precision airport landing systems, GPS  16  Radar sounding of atmosphere, ionospheric propagation
17  Microwave remote sensing and polarimetry, SAR  18  Subsurface imaging and detection technology, GPR
19  Active and passive remote sensing systems   20  Electromagnetic signal processing, wavelets, neural network
21  Rough surface scattering and volume scattering 22  Remote sensing of the earth, ocean, and atmosphere 
23  Scattering,  diffraction, and inverse scattering 24  Microwave and millimeter wave circuits and devices, CAD
25  Optics and photonics, gyrotrons, THz technology 26  Quantum well devices, microwave photonic systems, PBG
27  Medical electromagnetics, biological effects, MRI  28  Fiber optics, optical sensors, quantum  computing
29  Biological media, composite and random media 30  Plasmas, nonlinear media, fractal, chiral media, LHM
31  Constitutive relations and bianisotropic media  32  Moving media, relativity, field quantization,  and others

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