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Loans/ Renewals/ Returning/ Requests
  1. How many books can I borrow?

    Member's Status Loan Limit Open Shelf Red-Spot
    Foundation Students 5 books 5 books 1 book
    Undergraduates 5 books 5 books 1 book
    Final Year Students 8 books 8 books 1 book
    Postgraduates 10 books 10 books 1 book
    EEP Students 4 books 4 books 1 book
    Exchange Students 4 books 4 books 1 book
    Non-Graduating Students 2 books 2 books 1 book
    Full-Time Academic Staff 15 books 15 books 1 book
    Part-Time Academic Staff 2 books 2 books 1 book
    Non-academic Staff 5 books 5 books 1 book
    ICP 15 books 15 books 1 book
    Adjunct Professors 15 books 15 books 1 book
    Industry Advisors 5 books 5 books 1 book
    PRA 5 books 5 books 1 book
    Alumni 2 books 2 books -
    Retirees 2 books 2 books -
    General Public 2 books 2 books -

  2. How long can I check out a book?

    Member's Status Loan Period
    Full-Time Academic Staff 30 days
    Part-Time Academic Staff 30 days
    Non-Academic Staff 14 days
    ICP 30 days
    Adjunct Professors 30 days
    Industry Advisors 30 days
    PRA 14 days
    UTAR Students 14 days
    EEP Students 14 days
    Exchange Students 14 days
    Alumni 14 days
    Retirees 14 days
    General Public 14 days

  3. Can I use a friend's card to borrow books on their behalf?

    No. this is not allowed.

  4. How do I borrow a Red-spot book?

    You need to give the call number of the book to our counter staff to retrieve the book.

    • Can I borrow books from any of the faculty libraries?

      Yes, you can.

    • Can I return books from any of the faculty libraries?

      Yes, you can.

    • How do I renew my books?

      You may renew books in two ways:

      i.Online Renewal

      Please go to
      Patron Account in the library OPAC and login in with your patron ID and password.

      ii.In Person

      You may renew at any library's circulation counter.

      Books may be renewed TWICE only. However, renewal is denied under these circumstances:

      • The item is overdue.
      • The item is being requested by another patron.
      • The maximum number of renewal for the item has been exceeded.

      • Will I be reminded when any books I have borrowed are due?

        Yes, you will be informed via the email you registered with the Library. However, you are advised to refer to the due date, stamped in the book and not rely on email reminders/overdue notices as they are just courtesy reminders.

      • What can I do if the book I need has been checked out by someone else?

        Log into your 'Patron Account' and perform an online book request on the book item that you wish to borrow. Be sure to select the 'Pick-up location' where you want to collect the book.

      • How can I request for a book which is held by another faculty library?

        All patrons can request items held by another faculty library using OPAC. However, only Open Shelf books can be requested online. Other materials such as Red-Spot, Reference, Dissertation, Serial, Seminar paper, Archives and Special Collection are not allowed to use online request. Please refer to Reference Librarian for such materials.

      • How many copy of books that I can request for?

        You are allowed to request for only 1 copy of each title at any one time.

      • How do I know the requested book is ready for me to pick-up?

        You may check your UTAR email or Library account for notification of book arrival.

      • Can I still borrow books even though my course has finished?

        No. Your entitlement to borrow books from the library ends when your course ends.

        However, you may also join the library as an Alumni member. This allows you to use the library for reference purposes, consulting the books, journals and also use the electronic resources which the library subscribes. You are also entitled to borrow 2 books.


      • I am not registered this semester/I have deferred my course, can I still borrow books and access online databases and journals from off campus?

        Unfortunately no. You may borrow when you re-register your course.

      • I lost my student ID. How do I apply for a replacement?

        This must be reported to the library immediately to enable the library staff to block your card so as to prevent it from being used by anyone else. After that make your payment at the Division of Finance and go to ITISC to apply for the replacement ID card.

      • How do I cancel a hold that I have put on an item?

        Log into Patron Account in the library OPAC and cancel the title that you do not wish to borrow anymore.

      • Can I still borrow books during the holidays?

        You can. However, you have to return/renew before the book is overdue. If someone has requested for the book you borrowed, you have to return the book as soon as possible.



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