Conference Theme/Sub-Topic

Local, Regional, and Transnational: Chinese Overseas Reconsidered

In recent decades, three forces have asserted tremendous influence on Chinese Overseas: localization, regionalization and transnationalism. Localization relates to issues such as political socialization, cultural identity, indigenization and citizenship; regionalization covers pertinent questions such as integration, economic investments and networking, and transnationalism tells the tales of globalization, migration, and international relations. The major objectives of the 8th International Conference of ISSCO are to re-examine the impact of these forces on the lives and the study of Chinese Overseas.

近世纪以来,有三项动力一直影响着海外华人:在地化、区域化和跨国化。本土化的主要议题是有关政治社会化、文化认同、以及公民权;区域化则涉及整合、经济投资以及网络; 跨国化牵涉到全球化、迁移以及国际关系。第八届世界海外华人研究学会国际会议,旨在重新思考这些动力对海外华人以及其研究所引发到冲击。


1. Education 教育
2. Citizenship 公民权
3. Economy and Business 经济、企业
4. History and Personalities 历史与人物
5. Migration and Emigration 迁移、移民
6. Religions and Folklores 宗教、民间信仰
7. China and the Chinese Diaspora 中国与离散华人
8. Arts/Culture/Media/Information Technology 艺术、文化、媒体、科技
9. The State of The Discipline: Chinese Overseas Studies 海外华人研究现况
10. Political, Social, Cultural and Ethnic Identity 政治、社会、文化与族群认同

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