Bachelor of Arts



Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

(R2/312/6/0011)03/22   (A7909)

This program produces graduates who have acquired in-depth understanding of Chinese history, literature, language and culture. Besides theoretical knowledge, students would also acquire a strong foundation in practical skills in speech, writing, research, analysis and critique. Electives are in the areas of Mass Communication and Japanese language. The program also includes courses related to Malaysian studies, keeping students abreast of the needs and development of the country.



Graduates can seek employment as educators, writers, news reporters, interpreters, translators, researchers and administrators in organizations such as education institutions, resource centers, publishing firms and a wide range of public and private organizations.


Learning Outcome:

At the end of the course, the graduates should be able:

  • To develop comprehensive knowledge in Chinese language, literature, history and culture through a wide range of subjects in these areas.
  • To demonstrate the application of Chinese language skillls, to write and express fluently on subject matters and issues on Chinese culture, literature, language and history.
  • To have an in-depth understanding of social, economic and cultural roles of the Chinese in Malaysia and their responsibilities towards community and country.
  • To build their consciousness of ethics and humanities, attitudes of dedication and professionalism encouraged by Chinese eminent thinkers and poets.
  • To promote effective communication, leadership, team skills and response to the current challenges and issues related to Chinese Studies in the workplace, community and the country.
  • To engage scientific research methodology and critical thinking in resolving issues and achieving better understanding and interpretation of linguistic, literary, historical and cultural works .
  • To encourage lifelong learning in order to update knowledge and skills and promote the use of online databases and libraries to gather information effectively for self learning and group research.
  • To apply and demonstrate entrepreneural and managerial skills in the context of the Chinese language and culture.


Major Subjects

Elective Subjects*

Other Language Subjects*#

Chinese History (China to 1840)

Selected Texts for Reading and Writing 

National Language/Other Languages

History of Chinese Literature

Selected Literary Works from Han, Wei and Six Dynasties Periods 

English for Mass Communication

Introduction to Chinese Studies 

Classical Chinese Novels 

English for Business

Modern Chinese Language 

Classical Chinese Language 

Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia

Selected Poetry of Tang and Song Dynasty

Selected Tects of World Chinese Literature 

Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2

Malaysian Chinese Literature 

Chinese Phonology 

Communicative English

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature 

Book of Odes 

Hubungan Etnik

Selected Texts from Tang and Song Periods 

The Song of Chu 

Malaysian Studies 3

Chinese in Malaysia 

Selections of Qu Poetry 


Chinese Etymology 

Creative Writing 

Sun Zi's Art of War and Business Strategies

Selections of Ci Poetry

Shi Ji (Historical Records) 

Introduction to Sociology

History of Modern China (1840-1949)

Selected Works of Chinese Philosophy 

Mass Media and Society

History of Chinese Thought 

Prescribed Texts in Chinese Classical Literature

News Reporting and Writing

The Four Confucian Classics

Selected Readings in Chinese History

Introduction to Political Science

Modern Chinese Thought 

Introduction to Literary Criticism 

Culture and Communication

Method of Using Chinese Reference Books 

Study of Chinese History in Malaysia

Management Principles

Introduction to Literature 

Religious Thoughts in Chinese CUlture and Philosophy 

Organisation and Human Resource

Project Ⅰ & Project Ⅱ

Introduction to Contemporary China 

Principles of Marketing

Industrial Training

Introduction to Chinese Printing and Publication 

Understanding Politics: State, Nation and Government


Chinese Culture and Modern Economy 

Introduction to Journalism


Theory and Practice of Translation


* Subject to Availability

# Major & Elective Subjects Included




Programme Name



MOHE Approval Validity Period



MQA Provisional/
Full Accreditation Validity Period

MQA临时/ 全认证有效期

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies


KR7909 (19 Mar 2012 - 18 Mar 2017)


(19 Mar 2017 - 
18 Mar 2022)


(06/08/2005 -11/09/2011) 

(06/08/2010 onwards





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