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  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Early Childhood Studies
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Early Childhood Studies
((N/143/6/0009) 04/16


Graduates of this programme will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute professionally towards the early childhood industry. The programme is aimed at contributing towards the growth of Early Childhood Education in Malaysia, by supplying trained graduates to develop the early childhood industry sector which currently lacks human capital trained at the graduate level.



Graduates can seek employment as pre-school operators or educators in both the public and private sector; franchise entrepreneurs; and publication of children's materials. Graduates could also serve as officers with Social Welfare Departments and children charity organizations. Graduates who further their study and gain some hands on experience with young children may also apply for the growing number of lecturing posts within the field. Opportunities may also exist for graduates to expand their skill and knowledge by working and/or studying overseas.




[ Year 1 ]

Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Fundamentals of Psychology

Pre-School Social Studies and Environment

Educational Principles and Practice

Pre-school Curriculum in Malaysia

Pre-School Observation and Assessment

Child Psychology

Pre-School Science and Technology

Pre-School Expressive Arts

Pre-School English Literature

Pre-School Mathematics

Pre-School Bahasa Malaysia

Pre-School English Language


[ Year 2 ]

Pre-School Visual Arts

Research Methods

Nursery Programme (2-3 years)

Pre-School Physical and Health Education

Infant Programme (0-2 years)

Programming and Curriculum Development

Educational Guidance and Counseling

Children with Special Needs

Introduction to Statistics

Inclusive Education

Sociology In Malaysia Contexts


[ Year 3 ]

Industrial Training (Teaching Practice in TASKA & TADIKA)

Introduction to Multimedia

Early Remedial and Intervention Programme

Student Project in Early Childhood Studies

Trends and Issues of Early Childhood Education



Pre-School Chinese Language

Pre-School Tamil Language

Basic Chinese Language

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Chinese Culture and Civilization

Human Learning

Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships

Pre-School Informal Education

The Pre-School Industry

Social Problems

Creative Expressive Arts


*Subject to change/availability


MQA Subjects

National Language A*/ Other Languages

Hubungan Etnik (For Malaysian Students) / Malaysian Studies (For International Students)

Tamadun Islam Dan Tamadun Asia (Titas) (For Malaysian Students) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (For International Students)

Group Dynamics

Social Entrepreneurship Project / Arts & Cultural Performance Project / Community Project

*With effect from the January 2009 intake, all students who are exempted from Bahasa Kebangsaan (A) have to take one foreign language that is offered, such as Thai, French, Tamil or Japanese. All foreign students (non-Malaysians) have to take Bahasa Kebangsaan (B).


Compulsory Subjects

Sun Zi's Art of War and Business Strategies



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