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  Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations

Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations 

KP/JPS (KR7908)3/12 


The programme addresses the needs of the communication industry for public relations professionals who have technical competence as well as an appreciation of the role of Public Relations in Malaysia within a global environment. Students will develop their communication skills in a range of contexts, and enhance their creative abilities, analytical skills and management capabilities.    

The programme also emphasises in-depth understanding of communication theory. In terms of application, students will produce media kits, news releases and audio-visual presentations. They will also learn to organise press conferences, events and exhibitions.  

Students are also introduced to fundamentals of advertising such as copywriting and media planning. They develop an understanding of the advertising profession and industry. Advertising is a related field in communication in which graduates in public relations may seek employment.


Course Objectives 

  1. To build in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the concepts, theories and applications of mass communication
  2. To develop public relations professionals who are not only equipped with knowledge of the field but also with mature understanding of the range of applications of that knowledge
  3. To develop graduates who understand the role of public relations professionals in the local scenario and in the globalized environment
  4. To provide graduates with a strong foundation on the latest in multimedia   communication developments related to their field and issues surrounding such developments
  5. To instill in students the values of professionalism and ethical practices
  6. To develop critical and analytical thinking skills of graduates
  7. To enhance the multi-lingual skills of graduates
  8. To instill in students the need to pursue lifelong learning attitudes in order to keep abreast of the rapidly changing marketplace


Learning Outcomes 

The Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations programme provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:


Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of communication theories, public relations models and application of public relations skills
  2. Illustrate a sound knowledge of software developments related to multimedia presentations and desktop publishing
  3. Demonstrate a level of knowledge and understanding that is sufficient for a secure employment or extend one's knowledge base from further studies and exploration in corporate image and brand promotion or related disciplines

Intellectual Skills

  1. Synthesis of information from a variety of sources (journals, databases, textbooks, study-visits and lectures)
  2. Research, interpret, learn and develop strategic communication for corporate image and brand/product promotion
  3. Analyse organisational issues such as crisis and plan creative solutions
  4. Apply critical thinking skills and able to analyse facts in an objective and unbiased in manner
  5. Demonstrate professional, ethical, legal and social issues relating to the developments and implications of broadcast communication in society. 

Practical Skills

  1. Plan and write effective Public Relations communication proposals
  2. To undertake Public Relations projects related with employee communications, corporate image, brand equity, publicity, corporate social responsibility, crisis management and stakeholder relationship enhancement programmes

Soft Skills

  1. To work effectively as an individual or as part of a team, demonstrate organizational leadership, good decision making and time management skills
  2. To communicate clearly and effectively, visually, orally and in writing
  3. To demonstrate proficiency in writing proposals, public speaking and organising corporate events
  4. Demonstrate basic entrepreneurial skills and adopt lifelong learning attitudes with the ability to meet challenges of globalization


Career Prospects

Graduates can find employment as specialists in public relations companies or advertising agencies. Employment opportunities are also available in relatedareas such as marketing/brand management. In the corporate sector, they may be employed as executives in public affairs, press liaison, or corporate communication.

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