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  Message from the Dean
It is an honor to serve as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

I joined UTAR in 2014 with a profound belief in the university’s potential to generate graduates that can transform Malaysia, if not the world. As the faculty with one of the highest student numbers and staff head counts, FAS has always played a critical role within the university, and we have the opportunity to make a unique contribution to the world of higher education.

To that end, I believe that we must focus on the following fundamental drivers of excellence:


Attract and Retain the Best Staff And Students 

In recent times, education has become an increasingly competitive field. But that only presents opportunities and challenges.

FAS encompasses five departments and interdisciplinary double degree programs. My job is to help recruit and retain highly talented staff and students, all of whom have their own vision to shape the future of their fields.


Deliver Excellent Education

The mark of an outstanding education is not only the knowledge being taught, but the way it is taught. Students and graduates must not only be able to apply the knowledge they acquired in this university, but to contribute to the rest of society in the future.

FAS offers students these opportunities by ensuring they are being taught by experienced, knowledgeable staff, and by requiring students’ active participation outside the classroom. FAS is dedicated to producing graduates who have high moral values, and who are responsible, tenacious, and agile when faced with challenges and change.   


Inspire Transformative Societal Impact

An important reason I came to FAS was the opportunity to help the faculty build a Master’s program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which is one of the most in-demand fields in Malaysia. As most people will be spending one third of their time working, this field will shape the way they look and feel about their work.

Transforming society and creating a lasting impact in the community is not only a central principle for UTAR, but also for me. And as Dean of FAS, that is the mark that I wish to leave in the faculty, and our students.


Provide Excellent Teaching and Research Facilities

The dynamic education at FAS calls for constant innovation. We must remain nimble enough to respond to emerging interests of Malaysia and the world. As technology evolves, we need to incorporate new technologies into our classrooms and labs. Without these resources, UTAR cannot continue to push the boundaries of knowledge past what has already been achieved. My job is to keep us at the forefront of these innovations and challenge our staff and students for constant improvement.


Achieving Our Unlimited Potential

I am optimistic that the potential of UTAR and FAS can be fulfilled. If we continue to invest in our priorities, and continue to cultivate support from alumni, parents, friends, and the rest of our society, we will be able to improve the lives of our students, fulfill the potential of our faculty, make UTAR into a great university, and contribute knowledge that will change the future of humanity.


Alia Azalea

Assistant Professor


Faculty of Arts & Social Science 

E-mail: alia@utar.edu.my

Tel: 05-468 8888 ext. 1022

Fax: 05-466 7597


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