International Student Services

UTAR welcomes international students from all over the world to join us in our pursuit of knowledge and excellence through our range of Foundation, Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes. UTAR provides international students with a unique multicultural environment to enhance their intercultural and social skills and to prepare them for careers in the globalised world of the 21st century.

Students interested in studying at UTAR should contact the Division of Programme Promotion (DPP) to find out more about the University, programmes available, application procedures and other relevant information. Upon an offer of admission to the University, the Department of International Student Services (DISS) assists international students in obtaining the relevant approvals from the Malaysian authorities. International students are advised to find out as much information about Malaysia as possible if they are coming to Malaysia for the first time.

International students are advised to arrive in Malaysia at least one week before the start of the semester. DISS provides 'meet and greet' service to new international students at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Students are advised to inform the DISS office of their flight itinerary at least one week prior to their arrival in Malaysia .

DISS also assists international students in finding suitable accommodation in the vicinity of UTAR campuses. For students' convenience, the University provides bus shuttle services at a nominal charge to bring them to various locations in the vicinity of the four campuses.

International students are advised to attend the orientation sessions held prior to the start of the semester to familiarise themselves with the local places, culture, customs, and practices.

With its diverse multicultural setting, Malaysia is not only a favourite international tourism destination but also a centre of educational excellence. Its long and established history in tertiary education and its relatively lower cost of living promise students not only an affordable but also a world-class quality education.


  1. All international students of UTAR must meet the University's compulsory class attendance for each semester.

  2. All students who do not meet the requirement of 80% attendance for any subject taken during each semester will be barred from taking examination for those particular subject(s) and obtain grade "F" (fail) for those subjects.

  3. All international students who do not attend classes for three (3) consecutive work days will be issued letters to explain their absence.

  4. Students who are found to be absent from many classes may have their student pass and visa terminated and will have to return to their home country.

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) has compiled a list of accommodation within the vicinity of the campus. This includes single-storey and double-storey houses, flats, apartments and condominiums. Staff of DSA will assist the students in obtaining the above mentioned accommodation of their choice.

Residential areas in the vicinity of UTAR are as follows:

Sungai Long Campus
  • Bandar Sungai Long
  • Mahkota Cheras
  • Other nearby gardens

Kampar Campus


  1. The University shall only refund fees paid by an international student provided that the international student has submitted the "Notification to Withdraw from the University" form to the University.

  2. The date of receipt of the "Notification to Withdraw from the University" as confirmed by the AUTHORISED OFFICE of the University shall be the OFFICIAL DATE of withdrawal applied in Clause 4 herein.

  3. Please take note that in any event , the University shall not refund any amount of any of the following fees or charges paid by the international student:-
    1. The fee for the application form.      
    2. Application form.
    3. Administrative fees and        
    4. Any other fees or charges not stated as refundable in this refund policy.
  4. The University shall ONLY refund fees paid by the international student as follows:-        
    1. In the event that the official date of withdrawal as stated in Clause 2 herein falls BEFORE the commencement date of the course of studies stated in the Letter of Offer to the international student, SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) of the amount of tuition Fees paid by the international students shall be refunded.      
    2. In the event that the official date of withdrawal as stated in Clause 2 herein falls ON OR AFTER the commencement date of the course of studies stated in the Letter of Offer to the international student, please take note that NO AMOUNT OF THE TUITION FEE PAID BY THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SHALL BE REFUNDED.       
    3. In both events as stated in Clause 4.1 and Clause 4.2 herein no other fees are refunded, except for CAUTION MONEY AND SECURITY BOND DEPOSIT which are refunded in accordance with Clause 5 and Clause 6 respectively. 
  5. In the event that the international student withdraws from the University, the University shall refund the Caution Money according to the following:-       
    1. The international student shall apply for the refund of the Caution Money after but within one (1) year from the date of withdrawal from the University.      
    2. The University shall have the right not to refund the Caution Money for any application for the refund made one (1) year after the date of the withdrawal from the University.      
    3. The amount refunded on an acceptance application shall the remainder of the Caution Money paid by the international student after deducting all outstanding payments the international student is liable to, including tuition fee, other fees, cost of library books and articles not returned, and damages caused to the property of the University.

  6. The University shall refund the Security Bond Deposit paid by the international student at reasonable period of time after the expiry or cancellation date of the student visa of the international student PROVIDED that the University has not used the Security Bond Deposit for any justifiable reason.

  7. Any amount refunded as stated in this refund policy shall be either in Malaysian ringgit or its equivalent amount in foreign currency based on the prevailing official exchange rate.