Admission Regulations for International Students

Entry Requirements

It is essential for international applicants to apply accredited programmes from institutions recognised by the Malaysian Government. The list of recognised institutions and accredited courses can be obtained from the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

For admission to diploma or degree programmes, international students must have at least 12 years of education and have undergone a national/ international examination recognised in general. However, the requirement varies from programme to programme and between institutions.

Student Pass/Visa

EMGS, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Education, is a one-stop centre authorised to process student pass application for international students. Besides admission assessment by the University, application of international applicant is subject to approval by the EMGS in terms of student pass application.

It is mandatory for international applicant to hold a student pass in order to study in Malaysia. Students are not allowed to apply directly to EMGS and the visa application process is normally done through their chosen institution.

In order to apply for a student pass or visa, one must first obtain an offer from the institution of his/her choice. Applicants are reminded that institutions would need ample time to apply for and obtain their student visa. As such, applicants are advised to apply four (4) months ahead of their desired intake to allow for ample processing time.

Document Requirements

To ensure smooth application and approval of offer and student visa, applicants are reminded that all necessary documents required to be submitted must be clear, legible and certified by authorized personnel/bodies. Any unclear or not certified documents may cause delay in your application process.

For a checklist of required documents, please click here.

Payment for new application of student pass includes a processing fee, Immigration fees, medical screening fee, medical insurance premium and courier fee for VAL.

For transfer students, the visa application processes differs slightly and it is advisable for you to consult the University for clarification.

Medical Examination

International students are required to go through medical examination upon arrival to Malaysia. Medical checkup can only be done at the panel clinic or hospital authorised by the EMGS within 7 days from the date entry into Malaysia. It is advisable that international students to go through medical examination prior to arrival.

Green Lane Institution

Lately, EMGS has announced new "Green-Lane system" and agreed to extend certain privileges to designated "Green Lane" educational institution. UTAR, as one of green lane institutions, may use forecast result and conditional offer letter to apply student pass for prospective students. Actual result is required to be submitted prior to the issuance of sticker pass.

For international student whose actual result has failed to meet entry requirement set, he/she may be rejected or required to take additional units as audit units or whatsover at the discretion of the University. Else, he/she is given the option to apply for other programmes that have less stringent entry requirements or to withdraw from the offer of admission.

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