UTAR collaborates with international universities, research institutions, and industries in pushing the frontiers
of the humanities and embarking on scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs and technological innovations. Creativity and innovation are encouraged and nurtured among UTAR staff and students.

Government agencies and generous benefactors from various private corporations contribute to funding of UTAR’s research activities in support of innovation and invention. As at 15 August 2012, a grand total of RM37 million in research funding has been garnered where RM22 million is from external funding while the remaining RM15 million comes from internal funding.

UTAR's innovation recipe is:

  • To encourage interdisciplinary discussion and cooperation among the researchers
  • To encourage networking with the industry
  • To Identify research projects with potential for commercialisation
  • To assist the researchers to obtain funding for commercial prototype development
  • To commercialising the product or service through licensing deals or spin-off

Many research projects now comes to fruition. UTAR is constantly seeking investor to invest in our inventions. You are welcome to contact the Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation for more info.