If you are from the industry and looking for an expert to enhance your product or services, then UTAR can help you as we have more than one thousand academic staff from the field of engineering, information services to business and finance. Our experts have involved in work with the government, small and medium industry and many renowned training centres. Our experts can provide advisory service to your company or through contract R&D.

One way for companies to lower their R&D cost is to sponsors final year students or Masters students to do R&D on the company's problem. This in a way provide valuable practical experience to the students. UTAR encourages the industry to collaborate in this type of arrangement as it is a win-win situation for all.

To support this effort, UTAR is in the process of setting up UTAR Expertise NetLink which will provide online information about the expertise, research experience, fields of specialisation and consultancy experience of UTAR's staff.

If you are looking for a consultant or interested in contract R&D, you are welcome to contact the Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation for more info.