Campus Beautification: FAM, FMHS, ICS, CFS and FCI

Since the relocation and consolidation of the previous Klang Valley campuses into the current Sungai Long Campus in June 2015, UTAR has been developing continuously in all aspects to boost the university’s conducive environs. One of the latest improvements is the Campus Beautification project that features murals, as well as wall and stair decals in the two buildings.

Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) lecturers have taken the initiative to paint wall murals themed ‘Sustainability’, with the aim to present the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in visual form. Each mural has a distinctive sub-theme such as ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’, ‘Good Health and Well-being’, ‘Reduce Inequalities’, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’, and ‘Climate Action’. The wall murals are displayed at KA Block’s stairwell walls from Level 5 to Level 8.

Inspired by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), FAM Lecturer Tuam Kwok Choon mentioned, “We need to raise awareness among the public on how to conserve the environment so that our future generations can live in a healthier, greener and safer environment. Everyone needs to play their own role in taking more initiative to safeguard our surroundings through the advancement and use of technology in renewable and sustainable energy.”

From left: FAM staff Farah Waheeda, Marliana Azila, Farrah Nurdiana and J. Jayamalathi

‘Reduce inequalities’

Climate Action’

Meanwhile, lecturers and student from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) came together to also contribute to the beautification project. Their murals are located in KA Block’s Basement to Level 4 stairwells. Themed ‘Fitness and Health’, each floor represents a different perspective that captures the essence of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. FMHS tutor Chan Jin Hao emphasised, “Health is the greatest gift in life and there is nothing more important than our good health. Therefore, we need to move forward towards a healthier lifestyle.”

Mural painting by FMHS Prof Shelly Soo and Year 4 students S. Rishvinder and Jarvis Ng

This mural aims to encourage staff and students to sing to exercise the heart and lungs

Prof Shelly Soo and Year Four FMHS students Tee Ying-Yi, Tee Yi-Xuan and Tee Shan-Yi created this mural to inspire staff and students to swim more

FMHS Dr Te Kian Keong and students outlining the paintings on the wall

Mural art encouraging students and staff to use the staircase at KA Block Basement

Besides wall murals, the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) and Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) collaborated to raise UTARians’ spirits by decorating the campus with a series of flower wall decals. The wall decals focused on flowers representing the four seasons, including carnation, maple, chrysanthemum, dahlia, cherry blossom, plum blossom, daffodil, tulip, jasmine, lavender, daisy, lotus, orchid, camellia, lily, bamboo and Malaysia’s National Flower, the hibiscus. With the wall decals, CFS and ICS aimed to create a more relaxed and stress-free study environment for the students.

ICS Dean Assoc Prof Dr Chong Siou Wei and CFS Deputy Director for Student Affairs and Development Pua Gaik Hong both remarked that the subjects of the wall decals showcase the university’s focus on the importance of positive spirit and thinking. Dr Chong added, “Floriography in Eastern Culture is often used in poetry and art to symbolise virtues, well wishes and positive energy, and that is the central message we wish to deliver to our students.” 

Some of the wall decals at the KB Block stairwells

On the other hand, the Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) converted some inspirational quotes into colourful stair decals to encourage staff and students taking the stairs and to spread positive messages to all UTARians.

FCI Lecturer Eugene Foo Shyang Yu who is also a committee member of this project enthused, “Many FCI students and faculty members from all the FCI departments joined this collaborative project to beautify the campus, and work together as a team to complete their part. I am also glad that the lecturers and students actively participated in all levels of preparation work for this project from planning and designing to installing the stair decals despite facing challenges and technical issues.”

Some stair decals along Stair 2 at KB Block

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