Welcome Message from the President

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

Since its official launching on 13 August 2002, UTAR has carved its name among Malaysia's leading universities with its dedication to excellence in education and research. In line with the University's vision to be a premier university achieving excellence in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and expertise, UTAR has progressed steadily to be a comprehensive university providing a diverse portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with a niche in research and consultancy.

Starting with the first intake of 411 students, UTAR now has more than 26,000 students spread over two campuses in Sungai Long and Kampar, Perak. In this vibrant University community, there is close interaction and free exchange of knowledge and ideas between students and staff of different races, nationalities and background. The increasing student enrolment indicates the trust and confidence UTAR has built among the youth, parents, community, employers as well as the government.

UTAR is dedicated to ensuring a holistic university campus experience that builds the portfolio of an all-round graduate. We pride ourselves in providing students with quality higher education and equipping them with a broad range of knowledge, technical competency, soft-skills and industry-relevant skills. Our goal is to nurture graduates who are able to contribute to the society, industry and nation as competent professionals of high integrity.

The importance and relevance of our holistic education approach is supported by the good track record of our 45,000 graduates. To meet the challenges of globalization and emergence of innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy, UTAR students and graduates are encouraged to embrace lifelong learning to sustain their employability and adaptability.

On the global front, UTAR ventures into collaborations with universities and institutions worldwide. These strategic alliances have contributed to the development of numerous activities, such as, student and staff overseas exchange programmes, educational tours and visits, international industrial placements, joint seminars and workshops as well as collaboration for research and development. This opens the University community to abundant opportunities for development.

I hope that as you take a glimpse of UTAR on our website, you will take the first step towards joining our thriving UTAR community. Our faculty and staff are available to assist you and are committed to helping you settle in quickly as part of UTAR's big family.

Ir. Professor Academician Dato' Dr. Chuah Hean Teik