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Implementation of Energy Management System

Energy management activities carried out in 2014 – August 2015:


Campaigns were launched in view of this effort to save energy -              

  • Five Saves Campaign: Recycling Exhibition & Workshop was held from 25 – 28 June 2014 at KL Campus organized by DSA (KL Campus) & Buddhist Society, Tzu Chi Team.
  • UTAR IET Student Chapter held their campaign on energy saving with exhibition posters pasted on the notice boards at SA and SE Blocks in KL Campus on July 2014.
  • Energy Saving Program was held from 5 – 6 August 2014 at Sg Long Campus organized by the DSA & SRC (Sg Long Campus).
  • ‘Sustain the Nature, Conserve the Forest’ 5 Saves Campaign was held from 19 – 20 August 2014 at PJ Campus organized by the DSA (PJ Campus), Community Service Society, Buddhist Society, students from CFS and UTAR Sg Long Campus with the involvement of a Master student from PJ Campus.
  • Energy saving campaign was held from 28 October – 1 November 2014 organized by the Community Service Society and SRC (Perak Campus).
  • DSA-PK uploaded energy saving posters inclusive of important information on energy saving to the LED TV at Student Pavilion I since 25 August 2014.
  • The Community Service Society put up Energy Saving Campaign banner at the cafeteria and posters on the notice boards since early August 2014 in Perak Campus.
  • Exhibition on Energy Saving Campaign was organized by the Community Service Society (Perak Campus) held from 27 – 31 October 2014.
  • Anti-polystyrene Campaign organized by the Community Service Society (Perak Campus) was held on 31 October 2014.
  • Treasure Hunt to create awareness on saving energy was organized by the Community Service Society (Perak Campus) held on 1 November 2014.
  • Energy Saving Campaign was held during January 2015 Trimester and May 2015 Trimester.
  • Energy Conservation Competition was launched on 1 September 2015.
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