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  Efforts and Activities Plan

Efforts have been done for energy and water saving -

  • DEF set the air conditioners temperature at 24 degrees Celsius campus wide.
  • DSA would ensure the clubs and societies together with the SRC to monitor the consumption of energy and water whenever they conducted any activity.
  • Maximize the classroom usage by moving all the weekend/part-time classes to Faculty of Business & Finance for Kampar Campus and to a single floor or area for KV campuses (before moved to Sungai Long Campus).
  • DEF constantly monitored the condition of the water pipes for leakages and immediately attended to it whenever there was any leakage.
  • Installed energy saving awareness wall paper to the computers in all the laboratories at all campuses.
  •  Consolidation of the time-tables in every trimester.
  • DSA would convey the energy saving message to every new SRC, Clubs and Societies.
  • DGS to work closely with DSS and DEF in monitoring the energy saving works and take photographs as evidence when caught the offenders not switching off lights, air conditioners, fans and computers when not in use. Fine would be imposed to the offenders.


Activities in Plan –

  • The ‘Sustainable Energy Management Training’ course is planned to be conducted on 5 October 2015 at Kampar Campus.
  • Use of power analyser to analyse the energy consumption to identify the high usage of consumption so that proper energy saving measures could be taken place.
  • Consolidation of activities and classroom hours into one single building after 6 pm so it could maximize the space usage and efficiently save the energy consumption.
  • To continuously invite speakers to raise and to educate on the awareness of energy saving.
  • To have an Energy Conservation Management website in UTAR webpage.


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