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Booth Rental

Charges for setting up Booths

This service is only for
Manufacturers, agents, and vendors but notfor UTAR staff/students.

Rates - Minimum RM250 + GST per booth per day

Facilities: 1 Table & 2 Chairs provided.
Location: Student Pavilion I

Contact Person: Ms Serena Chai (05-46888 88), Email:

Prohibited Items

Manufacturers, agents, vendors or individuals for or strongly associated with any of the following are not allowed as sponsors of student activities:

(a) cigarettes and tobacco related products;

(b) alcoholic beverages and substances;

(c) non-halal items;

(d) products which are generally hazardous to health;

(e) items which may encourage behaviour or activities that are obscene, immoral or subversive;

(f) items which may incite sedition, racism or religious intolerance or are a threat to national security; and

(g) any other items which are deemed contradictory to the University's goals and objectives as an institution of higher learning.

(h) No cooking food is allowed