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Ma Foong Mei                                                                                  


Community Service Society                                                                 


Mass Communication Society                                                             


Nature and Pet Lovers Society                                                           


Chemistry Society                                                                                    


Photography Society                                                              


Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association - UTAR Chapter (IPRMSA-UTAR CHAPTER)


English Language Society                                                                      


The Drama & Public Speaking Society                                              


UTAR Toastmaster                                                                                  




Lua Zyn Lan                                                                                         


First Aid Society                                                                                        


Asian Culture Society                                                             


Logistic & International Shipping Society                                                        


Traveler's Den                                                                           


Bursa Young Investor Club                                                                   



Agricultural Science & Food Science Society                                 



International Friendship Society                                                        



Young Entrepenuer Society                                                                 



Marketing Society                                                                                   


Financial Economic Society                                                                   


Indian Cultural & Language Society                                                  


Crime Prevention Society                                                                     




Yau Ai Ping                                                                                         


Business Administration Society                                                        


Christian Fellowship                                                                                


Dance Club                                                                                 


Music Club                                                                                  


Chinese Orchestra Unit                                                         


Chinese Language Society                                                                    


Entreprenuership Society                                                                    


Chinese Studies Society                                                                        


Yoga Society                                                                               



Ong Sheau Ling                 


Biological Science Society                                                                     


Arts & Craft Society                                                                                  


Mathsfun Society                                                                                    


Catholic Student Society                                                                       


Japanese Culture Club                                                           


Accounting Society                                                                                  


Engineering Society                                                                                


IEM Student Section                                                               


Board Games Club                                                                                   


Student Representative Council                                                        


Ice-Breaking & Telematch                                                                    




Lo Yew Kong                                                                                      


Banking & Finance Society                                                                   


Finance & Investment Society                                                            


Psychology Society                                                                                  


Askar Wataniah (Army Reserve Unit)                                              


Buddhist Society                                                                                      


Computer Society                                                                                     





Mr. Ngan Mun Fong (Steven)                                                                     


Karate Club                                                                                 


Aikido Club                                                                                 



Ms. Lau Jean Moon


Wushu Club                                                                                


City Tour                                                                                                      





Cik Nurnatasha Nabila Binti Hassan                                                                                          


Taekwondo Club