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Self Enrichment Series (SES) is  programme designed by Counselling & Guidance Unit. SES aims to enrich every unique individual for betterment and develop skills to cope with challenge in life. It is open to all UTAR students. SES consist of Stress Management Workshop, LPI for Enhancing Your EQ and Self-Care Workshop



Past Activities


Counselling and Wellness Week 2016 – Talk Series


Astro AEC News Host, Gan Jiang Han delivered a talk on “The Fear of Making Decisions” on 11 July 2016.



  1. My FM DJ, Royce – Enbrace your Fear (怕,不怕) [18 June 2016]
  2. Mr Lau Chu Hian – The Journey of A Cancer Survivor (癌过天晴) [27 July 2016]
  3. Mr Angus Ng – “Bus Route 11” to Europe [1 July 2016]