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From the Left: Mr Phoon, Mr Ou, Ms Serena, Mr Khor

 We strive towards to providing you a high quality of services and welfares for students


 I) Provision of Student's Facilities & Equipment



II) Discipline / Conduct Standards
  • To administer the disciplinary process in a manner that protects the due process rights of students while maintaining the integrity of the institution.
  • To use student misconduct to educate students on critical issue such as tolerance, good citizenship, substance abuse and relationship violence.
  • To educate students and the community-at-large on university policies and regulations, the behavioral expectations of students and the judicial process
  • To educate students on current legal issues related to student conduct.


III) Health & Wellness Support
  •  To promote and/or create awareness of various medical conditions, prevent diseases and maintain healthy lifestyle through various campaigns, talks and activities.
  • To develop and provide resource about wellness dimensionTo liaise with clinic/hospital, as appropriate to organize education program


Typical Activities

  • Personal Insurance Claim - To administer & help all UTAR students by a group personal accident policy.
  • First Aids/Accident case - To assist and advice student after accident happen or in the event of emergencies.
  • Collaborate with LPPKN to organise free HPV vaccination programme
  • Conducting awareness campaign/talks/briefing regarding various health topics such as HIV, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, tuberculosis and others to staff and students
  • Conducting environmental wellness campaign (i.e. recycle, volunteer with environmental organizations, aware of Earth's natural resources and spend time outdoors.)
  • Conducting wellness week which students can access free medical screening, information sessions, and counseling for various health concerns.
  • UTAR Wellness Centre - Collaborate with doctor to provide medical knowledge/briefing for staff and students.


You can check & find out all the activities that have been conducted by clicking here. 

  • Gotong-Royong Campaign
  • Cycling for Charity
  • Health Awareness
  • Reused Clothes Campaign & Others.


We also organised social responsibilities activities in the past and for the future ahead.


  • To create more socially responsible and environmentally conscious in Malaysian society.
  • To instil a green mindset among the UTAR fraternity and the public through the various activities in every trimesters
  • To collaboratively undertake conservation measures.

If you are interested in participating in any events, please email us ( and we will reply you.


IV) Research & Assessment


  1. Identify the types of data/information needed to assess outcomes for specific audiences.
  2. Provide the entire campus with data that articulate the outcomes of student affairs initiatives.
  3. Study campus culture and determine its relationship to student learning.
  4. Contribute to the knowledge base to further understand the impact of university on students.


Typical Activities

  • Research existing assessment instruments that would provide campus administrators and faculty with useful information about student learning & study life.
  • Develop education programmes that inform the campus community about emerging trends related to student learning and engagement.
  • Survey & Statistical Report