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Information on how to apply for a vehicle sticker is also available on the web/notice board/orientation pack.

Car Sticker - RM 106.00 (Long trimester)

Car Sticker - RM 53.00 (Short trimester)

Motorcycle Sticker - RM 10.60 (Long trimester)

Motorcycle Sticker - RM 5.30 (Short trimester)


All official stickers are numbered and registered when sold. Do not purchase stickers from any other source and PAYMENT FOR STICKER IS NON-REFUNDABLE.



NOTICE - Uncollected Vehicle Stickers (UTAR - Kampar & Sungai Long Campus)

Please be informed that a fine of Ringgit Malaysia Fifty (RM50.00) shall be imposed on students in the event of non-collection sticker of their successful ballot with effect from May 2013.

The fine will be charged into their trimester's student bill or convocation bill or any bill whichever is later.

Department of Student Affairs


Warning Mail Regarding Fake Vehicle Stickers and Fake Medical Chits (M.C.)


Dear Students,

The University takes serious view on the issue of fake vehicle stickers and fake medical chits.

With IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students who are found guilty:

(a)  involving in the selling of fake car stickers / fake medical chits will be TERMINATED from their studies

(b)  involving in the buying of fake stickers / fake medical chits will be SUSPENDED from their studies (the period of suspension will be determined at the relevant Disciplinary Committee)

Department of Student Affairs
Sungai Long and Kampar Campus



Expired Student ID Cards


Dear Students,
Please check the validity date on your student ID card. If your student ID card has expired, kindly proceed to SODEMC for renewal. The renewal fee is RM25 per year. For your information, students who are carrying expired student ID cards are not allowed to enter the campus and also not entitled for any student benefits.
Thank you.


Announcement for Vehicle Sticker - Pro forma Student Bill

Once your ballot is successful, please wait for the pro forma student bill to be generated automatically. You can find the bill in your student portal.
Pro forma Student Bill - It is a vehicle sticker bill that is different from normal student bill. It shows the vehicle sticker amount only.



Student Disciplinary Penalty - Fake MCs, doctored/ amended MCs.

Dear Students,
Please take note that with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students caught and found guilty of submitting fake MCs, doctored /
amended MCs, etc. will be given TWO (2) trimesters suspension (instead of the current ONE trimester suspension).

Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs
Kampar & Sg Long Campuses




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