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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How to replace my Student ID card?

2. Can I transfer my UTAR vehicle sticker to someone?

3. What shall I do if my vehicle needs to be sent for repair?

4. Can I alter my UTAR vehicle sticker?

5. If my sticker is not written clearly/accidentally rubbed off, can I re-write it by myself?

6. What should I do if I lose my car/motorbike sticker?

7. What types of vehicle passes are available in UTAR?

8. What shall I do if I lose my personal item/s?

9. Can I claim insurance if the accident were to happen before the commencement date of my studies?



1. How do we start a club/society on campus?

2. How to write a club/society constitution?

3. How to get funding for club/society events?

4. How to write a sponsorship letter?

5. How can we advertise our club/society events?

6. How to contact a DSA officer-in-charge?

7. What is Best Club & Society Award?

8. What is Best Student Leader Award?



1. Do you need to pay for counselling services?

2. Do you need to make an appointment with a counselor when we seek help from them?

3. Is Counselling for sick people?

4. Is Counselling for problematic people?

5. Is Counselling for disciplinary cases?