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Announcement 2014

Orientation January 2015


Pick Up Service Form Jan 2015 (For New East Malaysian Students Only)

UTAR Pick- Up Service From KL Sentral Form (Available for New East Malaysian Students only)


Trip**(The pick-up time is at 3.00pm sharp at Level 2 (in front of KFC), KL Sentral. Late comers will not be entertained.)

Trip1 (Friday, 2 January 2015) and Trip2 (Saturday, 3 January 2015)        


You can download the Pick Up Form Here

  1. Download form (Chinese version)
  2. Download form (English version)

For further enquiry, kindly contact

Division of Programme Promotion (DPP)

Mr Tham Yeong Shyue 05-468 8888 (ext: 2522) ; email:

Mr. Hoh Swee Hai 03-79562628 (ext: 8281)


Department of Student Affairs (DSA)
Ms. Yau Ai Ping 05- 46 888 88 (ext: 2282)

Dear Staff and Students,
Pursuant to the government effort to create a green environment and to save energy and water nationwide, UTAR strongly encourages the staff/students to save electricity and water in all campuses. Saving electricity and water is a team effort that involves everyone in the campuses.  

The following are some tips for your attention:

Conserve Electricity

1.   Switch off computers when not in use. Appliances such as computers, TVs, cell phone charger, electronic devices, etc. still consume energy by just being plugged in or when on standby mode. Unplug them when not in use.

2.  Do not leave computers at standby mode at the end of the day or over the weekend as this can still draw electricity use. Turn off the monitor and CPU if you are away from office for a period of time.

3.  Turn off lights, fans and air conditioners when nobody is in the room.

4.  Do not open windows or doors in an air-conditioned room just to avoid being too cold, instead set air-conditioners to suitable level of temperature (such as 24°C or above) as more energy is required to keep the rooms cool.

5.  Stop charging mobile device when it is full.

6.  Use the stairs instead of lift as it saves electrical energy and also helps train our physical body.

7.  Consider the environment before you print to save energy as well as paper.

Conserve Water

1.  Report all water leaks immediately.

2.  Turn off all taps after use. Do not keep the tap water running unnecessarily.

3.  Keep all toilets dry and adopt clean habits so that the cleaners do not need to wash the toilets more than necessary.

4.  Do not use too much detergent in washing your cups/utensils as more water is needed to wash them clean.

                     “TOGETHER WE SAVE ENERGY & WATER”


Energy Management Committee




Registration of voters (SPR) at Student Pavilion II, UTAR, Perak campus from 13/10(Mon) until 15/10 (Wed)






Vehicle Sticker Info




1. Visit (Check Student News about the opening date for vehicle sticker)

2. Login to the 'UTAR Portal' (Username - Student ID number; Password - IC number)
3. Register with your car/motorcycle registration number, telephone number, etc)
4. E-Balloting to determine successful applicant.

NO MORE application form would be printed and ready by Department of Student Affairs. (Effective from 30 April 2014 onwards)


    Time for the Registration (October 2014 Trimester): 6 Oct 2014 - 12 Oct 2014

    The result will be released on 13 Oct 2014.


5. Only successful applicants in e-ballot are required to download the 'Application for Vehicle Sticker Form' (BELOW) AND PRINT OUT by your own in A4 WHITE paper. Other colors paper ARE NOT Acceptable.


DOWNLOAD FORM (Right Click and 'Save Link As' into your desktop and print)

 i) Car Application Form

ii) Motorcycle Application Form


6. Supporting Photostat Document
 - Student ID (Both Sides)
 - Valid Driving License (Both Sides)
 - Student Bill (New Student)

7. Pay at Division of Finance (DFN) . Every Trimester dateline will be given.

8. Vehicle Inspection will be commenced. Only vehicle with UTAR valid sticker is allowed to enter Perak Campus.

9. Vehicle Sticker - Terms and Conditions Apply.


Information on how to apply for a vehicle sticker is also available on the web/notice board/orientation pack.


Car Sticker - RM 100.00 (Long trimester)

Car Sticker - RM 50.00 (Short trimester)

Motorcycle Sticker - RM 10.00 (Long trimester)

Motorcycle Sticker - RM 5.00 (Short trimester)


All official stickers are numbered and registered when sold. Do not purchase stickers from any other source and PAYMENT FOR STICKER IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

October 2014 Application for Vehicle Stickers (Perak & Kuala Lumpur Campus)

Price: RM50 for car & RM5 for motorbike for October 2014  trimester



Dates for application on line
      (Details on vehicle application will be posted on the web by 15 September 2014)

6 October 2014 to 12 October 2014




1st Ballot


(Results will be announced immediately after the balloting)

13 October 2014 at 9.00am


Dates to pay/obtain sticker at DFN



13 October 2014 onwards
      (Deadline to Pay by Friday, 17 October 2014)


2nd Ballot (if  there are any uncollected stickers from the 1st ballot)



21 October 2014 at 3.00pm (Tuesday)
      (Deadline to pay by
      Friday,  24 October 2014)


3rd Ballot (if there are any uncollected stickers from the 2nd ballot)

28 October 2014 at 9.00am
      (Deadline to pay by Friday, 31 October 2014)


Date for Vehicle Inspection


(Vehicle Inspection can only be carried out after the deadline for issuance of stickers)

Starting from 20 October 2014 (Monday)

Vehicles with May  2014 vehicle stickers are allowed to enter the campus from 13 October 2014  until 17 October 2014.

From 20 October 2014 onwards, vehicles with October 2014 vehicle stickers ONLY are  allowed to enter the campus.


Pick Up Service Form (For New East Malaysian Students Only)


Those who are coming from Sabah/Sarawak, you can apply for the pick up service. Kindly download and fax/email the form to the respective person which mentioned in the form.

Trip**(The pick-up time is at 3.00pm sharp at Level 2 (in front of KFC), KL Sentral. Latecomers will not be entertained.)

Trip1 (Friday, 3 Oct 2014) and Trip2 (Saturday, 4 Oct 2014)        


  1. Download form (Chinese version)
  2. Download form (English version)


Department of Student Affairs



Orientation October 2014

Closure of Football Field

Dear all,

Please be informed that the football field of Perak Campus will be closed for maintenance started from 1 Sept 2014 - 21 Sept 2014.
During this period of time, no booking is allowed. 
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Sports & Recreation Unit
Department of Student Affairs

The first ever BOH Highlands Fun Run is happening right in the trails of BOH Sungei Palas Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands on 28 Sept 2014.
Come in your wackiest hats as the theme of the run is the ‘Mad Hatter Tea Party’. Open to all from 8 years old and above, we are limiting it to only 500 participants.

We are reserving 100 spots just for staff and friends, registration fee is RM55 for adults and RM35 for children from 8 to 12. All proceeds will be donated to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

Refer to the attached fact sheet for more info on the BOH Highlands Run.

Those interested, please get your registration code from Rafina by email - 

So join us for our first ever BOH Highlands Run and be a part of this fun and exciting event!


Thanks and Regards

Jo Choo

Brand Manager


24 JULAI 2014




Salam hormat kepada  YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan,

Kami, Persatuan Belia 1 Generasi ( NGO ) yang didaftarkan dibawah Kementerian Belia & Sukan mendoakan YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat dan sejahtera.


2.         Untuk makluman YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan,Persatuan akan menganjurkan Karnival Belia Dan Budaya pada 5 September 2014 di Sri Tanjung ( Bekas Tapak Eye On Malaysia ), Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Karnival ini diadakan sempena meraikan belia, budaya serta kemerdekaan negara kita dan akan dirasmikan oleh






3.         Sehubungan dengan itu, kami menjemput YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan agar menghantar 1 atau 2 pasukan bagi menyertai pertandingan yang dianjurkan sebagai tanda sokongan kepada pembangunan belia dan budaya negara kita.


4.         Bersama dengan surat ini, kami telah lampirkan perkara – perkara yang berkaitan dengan program ini. Kami berharap YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan juga dapat membantu kami menguar-uarkan tentang Karnival Belia & Budaya kepada semua. Dengan itu, akhirnya kami berharap Pihak YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan dapat memberikan kami maklumbalas mengenai penyertaan sebelum 15 Ogos 2014.


5.         Untuk syarat – syarat serta peraturan pertandingan sila layari  laman sesawang kami ,  serta sila like FB page kami “Persatuan Belia 1 Generasi “.  Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, kami boleh dihubungi di talian  018 – 8711 419  / 017 – 249 6197 ( Ida ) / 013 - 206 2404 ( Wan Afirah ) /  011 – 1140 3474 ( Hamen )  / 019 – 357 2507 ( Kamarul ) / 012 – 383 8524 ( Jagajiwan ).

Kami dengan berbesar hati menjemput YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan serta  para pelajar untuk turut sama meraikan Karnival Belia & Budaya. Kami mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih diatas kesudian YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan meluangkan masa bagi membaca surat kami dan sokongan yang bakal diberikan oleh YB / Ybhg / Dato’ / Datin / Tuan / Puan adalah sangat berharga bagi kami.





UTAR Basketball Team

FB page link:

Description: A place where basketball players given the opportunity to SHINE, together we shall face challenge and battle  to victory and to claim CHAMPION.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to UTAR BASKETBALL TEAM PAGE.

UTAR basketball team is university based competitive basketball team. Humbly established in the mid 2009, the UTAR basketball team has successfully carved its name among the top university team in Malaysia with its dedication to discipline and commitment in training and development to unearth potentials, uplifting the game of basketball quality and promoting healthier lifestyle in UTAR.





UTARian Male & Female RM25 (Early Bird); RM30 (Normal Entry)
PUBLIC Male & Female RM30 (Early Bird); RM35 (Normal Entry)

Posted on 18/3/2014


Student Disciplinary Penalty

Dear Students,
Please take note that with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students caught and found guilty of submitting fake MCs, doctored /
amended MCs, etc. will be given TWO (2) trimesters suspension (instead of the current ONE trimester suspension).

Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs
Perak and Klang Valley Campuses


Illegal selling/buying of UTAR vehicle stickers

UTAR vehicle stickers are to be used by the designated vehicles only and cannot be assigned to the other vehicles. Selling of the stickers or buying the stickers from other sources are illegal and it is a serious offense.

Students who are involved in selling or buying the stickers or allowed the stickers to be used by other vehicles will be charged, among others, under Section 6(2) of Student Code of Conduct ["the Code"] which states that -

"A student shall not violate any provision of any written law, whether within or outside the campus."

If found guilty, the student will be suspended from study.

Department of Student Affairs

Fri, 15 Nov 2013 08:44:20 +0800 (MYT)