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Orientation Programme May 2016


Important Notice

Dear students,

Recently there have been many break in cases in the Kampar area and most of the victims were UTAR students.  

While preparing for your exam, we advise all students always to take the necessary precautionary actions such as to close the gates and doors of your house and not to leave any valuable things unattended.    

 Thank you. 
Department of Student Affairs




 Bus Tickets at a 15% discount for UTAR Staff and Students.


Dear Staff and Students,


CatchThatBus is an online platform for sale and distribution of bus tickets to more than 500 destinations in Malaysia and Singapore, with over 500,000 tickets sold since 2014. UTAR Staff and students are entitled to 15% discount when you purchase bus tickets. The code for the discount is UTAR15.


The discount code is sponsored by CatchThe Bus for purchasing bus tickets to over 500 destination available on CatchTheBus web and mobile applications.


  • Cheaper tickets when purchasing personal travel
  • Safe and hassle free
  • Easy look-up of schedules, time-tables and prices
  • No more queueing!
  • Easy purchased from mobile


For further information, you may email Mr Puven Sangaran at  or contact him +6016 640 6978 or Mr Ashwin Jeyapalasingam at or contact him at +6012 2803664


CatchThatBus Sdn. Bhd. 
No.13A-1, Level 13A, Menara Vista Sentral,150 Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad,50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, MALAYSIA


Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs

Sg Long and Kampar Campuses

18 April 2016





Warning Mail Regarding Fake Vehicle Stickers and Fake Medical Chits (M.C.)


Dear Students,

The University takes serious view on the issue of fake vehicle stickers and fake medical chits.

With IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students who are found guilty:

(a)  involving in the selling of fake car stickers / fake medical chits will be TERMINATED from their studies

(b)  involving in the buying of fake stickers / fake medical chits will be SUSPENDED from their studies (the period of suspension will be determined at the relevant Disciplinary Committee)

Department of Student Affairs
Sungai Long and Kampar Campus



E-portfolio Competition

The University is organizing the E-portfolio competition for all students (on active status as of the close of the competition which is 30 April 2016). This competition runs from now till 30 April 2016
What you need to do:
(i) Register for this competition by filling in the details in the student portal. Look out for the registration form in the next few days. 
(ii) Log into your e-portfolio (Google+ / Blogger) and start updating your portfolio
(iii) Competition closes on 30 April 2016. The TEN BEST portfolios from each faculty / institute / centre will be chosen to to to the next round which is at the University level 
(iv) The University will choose the top three e-portfolios by the end of June 2016
What you will get:
(i) Students who register and submit their updated portfolios will get FIVE (5) soft skills points under Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills component
(ii) Students who make it to the TOP TEN of the respective faculties / institutes / centres will be given an ADDITIONAL FIVE (5) soft skills points
(iii) The OVERALL WINNERS (at University level) will receive a cash prize of RM500 (first prize), RM300 (second prize) and RM100 (third prize).
Please see the attached on how to log into your e-portfolio.
For further information, you may contact:
Contact Person: Dr Teh Chee Seng, Vice-President of Student Development and Alumni Relations. 
Office address and Contact No: 
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus, Kampar, Perak. 05-4688888
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Sg Long Campus, Cheras, Selangor. 03-90860288
Start updating your e-portfolio now.
Department of Student Affairs
Sungai Long and Kampar Campuses

Health Talks - The claim of Soft skills point

Dear UTARians,

Students who had attended the Health talks and signed for the attendance on 17/11 at A009 can now claim for the soft skills points. The category is Lifelong Learning & Information Management (2 points). Please share this message to your friends.

Thank you

Department of Student Affairs - Kpr.


Expired Student ID Cards


Dear Students,
Please check the validity date on your student ID card. If your student ID card has expired, kindly proceed to SODEMC for renewal. For your information, students who are carrying expired student ID cards are not allowed to enter the campus and also not entitled for any student benefits.
Thank you.

Illegal Buying or Selling Vehicle Sticker
UTAR vehicle stickers are to be used by the designated vehicles only and cannot be assigned to the other vehicles. 

Selling of the stickers or buying the stickers from other sources such as Facebook or third parties are illegal and it is a serious offence. UTAR is now taking serious action against those found guilty of this offence. 

Students who are involved in selling or buying the stickers or allowed the stickers to be used by other vehicles will be charged, among others, under Section 6(2) of Student Code of Conduct ["the Code"] which states that: - 

"A student shall not violate any provision of any written law, whether within or outside the campus." 

And Section 25.5 Falsifying University documents or records 

"Making, possessing, or using any falsified, torn or defaced University document or record; altering any University document or record, University vehicle sticker etc. is an offence." 

If found guilty, the student will be suspended from study and be imposed a heavy fine. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Department of Student Affairs




Announcement for Vehicle Sticker - Pro forma Student Bill
Once your ballot is successful, please wait for the pro forma student bill to be generated automatically. You can find the bill in your student portal.
Pro forma Student Bill - It is a vehicle sticker bill that is different from normal student bill. It shows the vehicle sticker amount only.


Dear Staff and Students,
Pursuant to the government effort to create a green environment and to save energy and water nationwide, UTAR strongly encourages the staff/students to save electricity and water in all campuses. Saving electricity and water is a team effort that involves everyone in the campuses.  

The following are some tips for your attention:

Conserve Electricity

1.   Switch off computers when not in use. Appliances such as computers, TVs, cell phone charger, electronic devices, etc. still consume energy by just being plugged in or when on standby mode. Unplug them when not in use.

2.  Do not leave computers at standby mode at the end of the day or over the weekend as this can still draw electricity use. Turn off the monitor and CPU if you are away from office for a period of time.

3.  Turn off lights, fans and air conditioners when nobody is in the room.

4.  Do not open windows or doors in an air-conditioned room just to avoid being too cold, instead set air-conditioners to suitable level of temperature (such as 24°C or above) as more energy is required to keep the rooms cool.

5.  Stop charging mobile device when it is full.

6.  Use the stairs instead of lift as it saves electrical energy and also helps train our physical body.

7.  Consider the environment before you print to save energy as well as paper.

Conserve Water

1.  Report all water leaks immediately.

2.  Turn off all taps after use. Do not keep the tap water running unnecessarily.

3.  Keep all toilets dry and adopt clean habits so that the cleaners do not need to wash the toilets more than necessary.

4.  Do not use too much detergent in washing your cups/utensils as more water is needed to wash them clean.

                     “TOGETHER WE SAVE ENERGY & WATER”


Energy Management Committee


Student Disciplinary Penalty

Dear Students,
Please take note that with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students caught and found guilty of submitting fake MCs, doctored /
amended MCs, etc. will be given TWO (2) trimesters suspension (instead of the current ONE trimester suspension).

Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs
Kampar & Sg Long Campuses




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