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Dear all

Dear Utarian,

Flea Market organised by Board Games Club is now open for vendors. For more information, please contact the person-in-charge. Thank you.




Dear Students,

Recruitment of Organizing Committee for Route of Love 2015 (Cycling Event) is now open to apply!!

Online Application:
Closing Date: Before 20 March 2015(Friday)

The objectives of this event is to encourage staff and students to participate in healthy lifestyle activity and to serve as a platform to foster good relationship among participants that love cycling.It is also to raise fund and to sponsor 50 bicycles for students whose families' are low income.

Date of Event : August 2015
Event Type : Non-competitive cycling event

Please share this post to your friends.

Thank you.



Dear Students,

Those who are interested to join this chess tournament, please email to Mr Khor (Department of Student Affairs), BEFORE 6 March 2015, 12 noon or contact 05-46888 88 (2280).

If you are Board Games Club members and qualified in good rating, you are entitled to claim back your registration fees. (subject to bgc committee & person in charge approval).




Event: 1 Day Youth Programme

         "Ready to Walk, Run & Fly"

Date: 8 March 2015 (Sunday)

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: UTAR Perak Campus

Target Audience:

- Student leaders

- Students with a keen interest in developing their soft skills

Kindly take note:

- Interested students please register at DSA

- LIMITED place available. Registration based on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS

- Food and Beverage is provided

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Alice at 05- 468 8888 ext: 2282.

Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer. Challenge your limit, never miss an opportunity to learn. Grab it! See you. :)



Arabian Night

Date : 27 march 2015
Time : 6.45pm - 11pm
Theme : Arabian Night
Venue : Grand Kampar Hotel
Fees: RM20-member RM25-non-member

'Arabian Night' by International Friendship Society

It is one of the biggest event and first PROM with Arabian themed in UTAR on 2015!

**This purpose of this event is to promote better interaction and understanding among the international students and local students. If you like to interact with international students, experience real prom night, dress up with elegant gown and suits, here is the chance to experience all! We have band performances, ball dance, games and so on that sure will surprise you. Invite your friends or your lover to enjoy this elegant night. Let's have fun! Refreshment is included. And we also welcome all the UTARians and Non-UTARians especially TARCians.

For more information, please feel free to visit our booth at block k on 2-4 march. or contact us! Hope to see you there!!

Stay tune for our FB page --> Corner, with Love Flea Market 2015 and you will get more updated.

Contact us : Joanne 016 -7760634
Yogesh 016 -9284284
Shi Yii 012 -5895235

* rules and regulation: no alcohol





Date : 2-4 March 2015
Time : 10am -4pm
Venue : student pavilion II ( block K )

Hello,everyone ~

We are from International Friendship Society (IFS), we will organize a flea market on this coming March for fund raising purpose.
Various of products will be sell on the Flea Market , Feel free come and visit our Flea Market ~

--- > Mosalisa photo competition
time : 2-6 march
award : FREE tickets of International Prom Night - ' Arabian Night '

for more information please visit to our booth.
or Contact us : Joanne 016 -7760634
Yogesh 016 -9284284
Shii Yii 012 -5895235



Reminders from Kampar Police

Dear students,

The Kampar Police wish to send the following reminder to those who will be away for the long Chinese New Year holidays and wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

1. Ensure your house is locked before going back to your home town.
2. Inform the Police if you intend to leave your house.
3. Do not leave any sign that you are not at home.
4. Change your rented house padlock.
5. Bring along your valuable items when you are going back to your home town.
6. You can leave your vehicles at the Kampar Police Station if you are going back to hometown with public transport.

For further information, please call 05-4652222/05-4650020 ext 3714

Thank you.
Department of Student Affairs(Perak Campus)


Vehicle Sticker Notice (JANUARY 2015)

Jan 2015 Application for Vehicle Stickers (Perak & Kuala Lumpur Campus)

  Price: RM100 for car & RM10 for motorbike for Jan 2015 trimester



Dates for application on line

(Details on vehicle application will be posted on the web by 15 December 2014)



5 Jan 2015 to 11 Jan 2015





1st Ballot


(Result will be announced immediately after the balloting)



12 Jan 2015 at 9.00am




Dates to pay/obtain sticker at DFN



12 Jan 2015 onwards

(Deadline to Pay by Friday, 16 Jan 2015)



2nd Ballot (if there are any uncollected stickers from the1st ballot)



20 Jan 2015 at 3.00pm (Tuesday)

(Deadline to pay by

Friday, 23 Jan 2015)


3rd Ballot (if there are any uncollected stickers from the 2nd ballot)

27 Jan 2015 at 9.00am


(Deadline to pay by Friday, 30 Jan 2015)


Date for Vehicle Inspection


(Vehicle Inspection can only be carried out after the deadline for issuance of stickers)



Starting from 19 Jan 2015


Vehicles with October 2014 vehicle sticker are allowed to enter the campus from 12 Jan 2015 until 16 Jan 2015.


From 19 Jan 2015 onwards, vehicles with January 2015 vehicle stickers ONLY are allowed to enter the campus.



《OlaBola》 - Casting Calls
Dear all staff & students,

Are you the one we looking for?

Production team of , Woohoo Pictures is coming up with a whole new movie  . It’s a movie about Football connects love back in 1970s n 1980s. Currently we are still on the production stage of searching potential leading male actor. What are you waiting for? Join our Audition if you reach the minimum requirements. You are going to be the next movie star! Female from age 18-28 are welcome.

由最高票房大馬電影 《一路有你》原班制作團隊打造,全民導演周青元(Chiu導)領軍的全新足球電影計劃­《OlaBola》试镜活动再次来到槟城宝岛。今次更与檳城表演藝 術中心合作举办公开试镜活动,只要符合以下条件都欢迎参与。还等什么,因为你可能就是下一位全民偶像!

Dear all students,

Crime Prevention Society (PK) is organizing an event, named “Life is Beautiful, Integrate it”, in January 2015.


This is mainly aimed to impart knowledge regarding safety and share tips that make daily life more convenient to the UTAR community. Activities under this event include:

1)      “Life Hacks” exhibitions,

2)      Flea Market,

3)      “Protect, Save and Integrate” Talk and Workshop Series1


For the talk series1, we have inviting 4 agencies come to share their professional knowledge with us, as scheduled below:




Name of Agency:




Brief Overview of MACC and The Initiatives Done by Government to Prevent Corruption Under GTP 2.0

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)

Siti Zakiah Binti Che Man (Head of Student Sector, Community Education Division of MACC)

Heritage Hall

19/1/2015, 2pm – 4 pm


Personal Safety & Self Defense –“Don’t Be A Victim”

Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF)

Master Saiful Hamiruzzaman Mohd Hazir

Heritage Hall

20/1/2015, 10am – 1pm


Cyber Crime Awareness

Polis Diraja Malaysia

DSP. Yeap Yoke Peng

Heritage Hall

20/1/2015, 2pm – 4pm


“To Create, Copy or Consume CD?”

Malaysian Intellectual Property Association (MIPA)

Mr. Dennis Tan

Heritage Hall

22/1/2015, 2pm – 4pm

*This schedule may be subject to change.

Mark your calendar and visit us!! Like our page for more information:

Admission: Free


UTAR students qualify for USSDC points.


All UTAR staff and students are welcome to attend the talks.


For further information, please contact:

Mr. Jet Lo, DSA office, Tel: 05-468 8888 ext: 2280 or Email:

Mr.Wong Hong Wen, Organizing Chairperson, Tel: 013-2013103

Dear Staff and Students,
Pursuant to the government effort to create a green environment and to save energy and water nationwide, UTAR strongly encourages the staff/students to save electricity and water in all campuses. Saving electricity and water is a team effort that involves everyone in the campuses.  

The following are some tips for your attention:

Conserve Electricity

1.   Switch off computers when not in use. Appliances such as computers, TVs, cell phone charger, electronic devices, etc. still consume energy by just being plugged in or when on standby mode. Unplug them when not in use.

2.  Do not leave computers at standby mode at the end of the day or over the weekend as this can still draw electricity use. Turn off the monitor and CPU if you are away from office for a period of time.

3.  Turn off lights, fans and air conditioners when nobody is in the room.

4.  Do not open windows or doors in an air-conditioned room just to avoid being too cold, instead set air-conditioners to suitable level of temperature (such as 24°C or above) as more energy is required to keep the rooms cool.

5.  Stop charging mobile device when it is full.

6.  Use the stairs instead of lift as it saves electrical energy and also helps train our physical body.

7.  Consider the environment before you print to save energy as well as paper.

Conserve Water

1.  Report all water leaks immediately.

2.  Turn off all taps after use. Do not keep the tap water running unnecessarily.

3.  Keep all toilets dry and adopt clean habits so that the cleaners do not need to wash the toilets more than necessary.

4.  Do not use too much detergent in washing your cups/utensils as more water is needed to wash them clean.

                     “TOGETHER WE SAVE ENERGY & WATER”


Energy Management Committee



Student Disciplinary Penalty

Dear Students,
Please take note that with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, students caught and found guilty of submitting fake MCs, doctored /
amended MCs, etc. will be given TWO (2) trimesters suspension (instead of the current ONE trimester suspension).

Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs
Perak and Klang Valley Campuses


Illegal selling/buying of UTAR vehicle stickers

UTAR vehicle stickers are to be used by the designated vehicles only and cannot be assigned to the other vehicles. Selling of the stickers or buying the stickers from other sources are illegal and it is a serious offense.

Students who are involved in selling or buying the stickers or allowed the stickers to be used by other vehicles will be charged, among others, under Section 6(2) of Student Code of Conduct ["the Code"] which states that -

"A student shall not violate any provision of any written law, whether within or outside the campus."

If found guilty, the student will be suspended from study.

Department of Student Affairs

Fri, 15 Nov 2013 08:44:20 +0800 (MYT)