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"Application for Special Consideration of Assessment" are to be used by student who are absent from all types of assessments and in extension of coursework assessment due date.



This form is applicable to students who are sick (but fit to sit for examination), handicapped or injured and would like to apply to sit for their main examinations in Special Venue [i.e. Hospital/Medical Centre or Special Room (within the University campus)].
Students who would like to apply for further education or employement purposes or students who intend to transfer to other institutions may request for Statement of Results / second copy of Academic Transcript.

Graduates who are unable to collect their Degree Certificate, Academic Transcript and Testimonial and who wish to authorize another person to do so may download the "Letter of Authorization for the Collection of Degree Certificate and or Academic Transcript" from the University intranet or collect a copy from DEAS.



When a graduate lost the UTAR certificate.



All graduands may opt for Extension of study to improve their class of honours.