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Outbound Student Exchange Programme

This is a short-term study programme offered to UTAR students to pursue academic exchange, internship or research attavhment at another institution or university, local or abroad, with or without a formal MoU or MoA with UTAR.



The student exchange programme objectives are:

  • To experience student life in a partner university/institution overseas.
  • To learn more about the culture, people and its country.
  • To exchange ideas, experiences and learning skills.
  • To encourage more international exposure.




Academic Exchange


1.  Applicants must be full-time undergraduate and post-graduate students.


2.  The duration of study ranging from one trimester up to a maximum of one academic year. Applicants are advised to consult the Dean of Faculty and the DCInterNet staff prior to making any decisions on exchange.


3.  Applicants may seeking with or without seeking credit transfers at host institution who need to fulfill all attendance and programme requirements at host institution while ensuring that the requirements of UTAR are not breached during the exchange. Written approval and advice from the respective Deans/ Head of Department at UTAR are required prior to embarking on the exchange programme.


4.  Applicants may choose to join partner institutions from a list of more than 25 economies. Please find the list of UTAR MoU/MoA partner institutions here.


5. All exchange students must return to UTAR to complete their undergraduate/graduate studies. The conferment of degrees/awards upon completion of studies will be UTAR not the host institution.




Internship/ Research


1.  Applicants can opt to undertake a period of research or internship at a host institution local or overseas, provided approval is sought at UTAR. The duration of internship/ research can be two weeks or up to one academic year. Applicants are advised to choose MoU/MoA partner institutions for their research/internship.


2.  No stipend or allowance for the internship/ research at host institution. No tuition, registration and administrative fees are charged unless stated otherwise and agreed by both institutions.


3.  Applicants must return to UTAR to continue and complete their programme of study/research. The awarding of degree is by UTAR, not the host institution.


4.  Written approvals and recommendation from UTAR and a brief of the internship/ research must be provided during the application for the exchange programme.


5.  Applicants pay for their return airfare, accommodation, transport, meals, stationery, insurance and other living expenses for the duration of their exchange programme at host institution.



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