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Inbound Student Exchange Programme

This is a short-term study programme offered to local and international students who are interested in enrolling in training courses offered by Centre for Extension Education (CEE), or one trimester or up to one academic year of undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Students enrolling under this programme will be permitted to register for courses of their choice (subject to the rules and regulations governing the programme).



UTAR Academic Calendar


2018/2019 Student Exchange Programme


Trimesters start      :     Jan - May 2018                      Jun – Sep 2018                   Oct - Dec 2019


Application due date: 15 September 2017                  15 February 2018                  15 June 2018   



Academic Exchange


1. Applicants must be full-time students of the partner institution/university with sufficient proficiency in the English Language.


2. Applicants can undertake a period of study ranging from one trimester to one academic year. Applicants are advised to consult their faculty and the international office staff prior to making any decisions on an exchange.


3. Applicants on an academic exchange may attend classes with or without seeking credit transfers for subjects taken at UTAR. Applicants need to fulfill all attendance and programme requirements at UTAR while ensuring that the requirements of the home institution are not breached during the exchange. Written approval and advice from the respective Deans/ Head of Department in respective university/institution is required prior to embarking on the exchange programme.


4. Applicants may choose from any international activities or programmes offered at UTAR :


i. Training courses/ English Immersion Programme/ Cultural Learning Programme by the

   Centre for Extension Education (CEE)

ii. Undergraduate programmes

iii. Postgraduate programmes / Dual Master Degree Programme


5. Undergraduate/postgraduate applicants should return to their home institution to complete their programme of study. The exchange programme allows a maximum of one academic year of exchange and the awarding of the degree is the home institution, not UTAR.


6. Training and certificate courses organized by the UTAR Centre for Extension Education (CEE) will be issued UTAR certificates upon completion and fulfillment of the course at UTAR.




Internship/ Research / Training



1. Applicants can opt to undertake a period of research, training or internship at UTAR provided approval is sought at the home institution. The duration of internship/ research/ training can be one trimester to one academic year. Training/ internship/ research duration may also vary depending on the agreed duration between institutions. There is no stipend or allowance for the duration of the training/ internship/ research at UTAR.


2. Applicants must return to their home institution to continue and complete their programme of study/research. The awarding of degree is by the home institution, not UTAR.


3. Written approvals and recommendation from the home institution and a brief of the internship/training/ research must be provided during the application for the exchange programme.


4. Applicants pay for their return airfare, accommodation, transport, meals, stationery and other living expenses for the duration of their exchange programme at UTAR.




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