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The Division of Community & International Networking (DCInterNet) advocates the advancement of exposure to international education and experiences to enable our students and staff to develop the knowledge and skills for a globally interdependent and diverse world. In this era of globalization where the free flow of information is the norm, it is necessary to have an international network of scholars who can engage in intellectual and cultural exchange to enhance the quality of the learning experience here at UTAR and to our partner institutions.




Our Role

  1. To establish principal networks for professional learning and experience sharing among local and foreign universities, corporations, organizations and the community.
  2. To seek sponsorships/endowments for educational research and advancement.
  3. To seek collaborations to enhance the quality of learning experiences for students with the principal focus on educational and cultural exchange programs.
  4. To establish community networking through sharing UTAR expertise with local communities.


Our Activities

  1. Collaboration / Networking with partner university
  2. Student exchange / Internship /Staff exchange
  3. Cultural visits
  4. Study Tour
  5. GAA Programmes
  6. English Immersion Programme
  7. Cultural Learning Programme
  8. Cyber Classroom
  9. Joint Research
  10. International Conference
  11. Dual Degree Programme