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Ng Szu Youn, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons), August 2007

Ng Szu Youn, Gigi

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

March 2007


Working Experience

  • Marketing Manager, LB Equipment & Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Business Development Manager, LB Equipment & Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Business Development Executive, Star Chemical Manufacturers (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Stage Manager Assistant and Telemarketer, UTAR Conference & Secretariat, Malaysia
  • English Tutor, Brain Dance Training Program, Malaysia
  • Program Coordinator, SBS Training & Development Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Current Status

  • Director, Business Development, Dreiheit Group of Companies
  • Director, Dreiheit House Enterprise, Malaysia
  • Director, Gifel Gourmande Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Director, Dreiheit House International Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Director, Dreiheit Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

Achievement / Award

  • Malaysian Institute Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA), National Essay Competition on Corporate Governance 2005
  • Certified Judge of the World Tea Championship by the World Tea Forum Secretariat, October 2013

Words to Junior

  • You can do this! Dream Big. Start Small. Build Deep.
  • Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.
  • 1 Timothy 4:12: Don't let anyone thing less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity (NLT)