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Heng Shin Tsyr, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons), May 2007

Heng Shin Tsyr

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

August 2007


Working Experience

  • Joined QNet, an E-Commerce direct selling company on 2007


  • One of the co-founder and BOD member of Gen X International, largest Chinese Network in QNet
  • One of the main speakers of Gen X International and organizer for all functions, seminars and camps
  • Gen X has organized seminars and camps which consist of 700 youngsters between age 19 to 25. Broke Malaysian Youngsters Motivation Camp record
  • One of the co-founder and COO of Gen X Force (Sub of Gen X Int.)
  • Network expand to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Africa and Middle East
  • Bought BMW 3 Series at age 28