Prof. Ir. Dr. Ewe Hong Tat
Funding in UTAR
  • development of job matching algorithm with collective learning methods, JOBSTREET, July 2009 - August 2011.
  • model development and application of microwave remote sensing in antarctica, MARP, September 2008 - December 2011.
  • research and development of hybrid holographic and luminescent solar concentrator, MOSTI SCIENCE FUND, October 2011 - September 2013.
  • study of growth variation and yield prediction oil palm with microwave remote sensing, ADVANCED AGRIECOLOGICAL RESEARCH SDN BHD (AAR), November 2011 - August 2014.
  • multi-scale computational electromagnetics for phenomenology and saliency characterization in remote sensing, ASIAN OFFICE OF AEROSPACE R&D (AOARD), January 2013 - September 2016.
  • development of microwave remote sensing model for monitoring sea ice changes in global climate system, MOSTI FLAGSHIP FUND, November 2014 - October 2017.
  • computational electromagnetics in scattering interactions of earth terrain for remote sensing modeling, AOARD (ASIAN OFFICE OF AEROSPACE R&D), December 2016 - December 2018.
  • design and development of radar technology for detection of ganoderma disease in oil palm plantations, MALAYSIA OIL PALM BOARD, March 2017 - February 2020.