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Gotong - royong at Sungai Long

UTAR, Hospital Sungai Long and Kajang Municipal Council (MPKJ) joined hands to organize the Bandar Sungai Long gotong-royong on 25 Nov 2012 to clean up Phase One of Bandar Sungai Long for a cleaner community environment for the local residents.

The response to this gotong-royong was very encouraging with more than 200 participants comprising UTAR students and staff from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), Hospital Sungai Long staff, Sungai Long Resident Association and residents of the township. This gotong-royong activity was sponsored by the Sungai Long Specialist Hospital.

"If one takes a stroll into the Sungai Long town areas, one would often encounter unpleasant smell from the clogged drain. The FMHS of UTAR and Hospital Sungai Long are both healthcare institutions and it is natural for both parties to cooperate to organise a gotong-royong to clean up the town areas. Both institutions share a common goal to deliver corporate social responsibility." said the Dean of FMHS Emeritus Professor Dr Cheong Soon Keng.

"In addition, this activity presents an opportunity for FMHS to inculcate a sense of community responsibility among the students of UTAR and for the students to experience working together with others to carry out a community project." he said, adding that students should periodically take time off from their studies to carry out such meaningful social work.

"As medical students, I feel that it is very important for us to always serve and care for the community and be aware of the happenings around us. I believe that investing time in the surrounding cleanliness of the community is the single most important contribution we can make for the health and wellbeing of the people. " said Joey Tan Kit Yang, the student representative of FMHS.

He added that serving the community is an integral part of a medical student's life. "This successful gotong-royong has taught me important lessons on caring, empathy, teamwork and perseverance." Besides, he also urged the public to take the initiative to clean up their surroundings from time to time. "I believe that if the public clean up a little every day, soon enough, Sungai Long will be a cleaner town. Volunteering would not be something we have to do for a big event but something we all do every day."

Hulu Langat Member of Parliament Dr. Che Rosli Bin Che Mar said that because of the littering and the garbage in rivers which clogged the drainage system, mosquitoes breed and trigger dengue and other environmental issues.

"In order to give Bandar Sungai Long a clean community environment, UTAR and Hospital Sungai Long took the initiative to approach Kajang Municipal Council to organize and arrange the gotong-royong." said Kajang municipal councillor Lee Kee Hiong. She also hopes to promote civic awareness through this activity and make Bandar Sungai Long a model clean town.

Che Rosli Bin Che Mat (3rd from left) hands over the tools to Joey Tan. Standing next to Joey is Ms Lee Kee Hiong and Mr. Ric Lee, General Manager of Sungai Long Hospital.


FMHS Students and UTAR staff cleaning the back lanes and streets.
Dr Che Rosli Bin Che Mat also helped to clean up the area
A cleaner community environment at Bandar Sungai Long after the gotong-royong.