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New Billing Approach - Student E-Bill (electronic billing)

Please be informed that a new e-billing approach takes effect on 17 April 2009.

With this new e-billing approach, you will receive a softcopy of e-bill instead of a hardcopy of the Student Bill. To access your E-Bill, please login to the Student Intranet, and select the "My Billing" tab.

You may print the PDF version of your E-Bill for your own record and payment purposes. To access the printable version of your E-Bill, click on the PDF icon: PDF

You are advised to read the instructions on the E-Bill before paying your bill.

When you pay your bill over the counter at any Public Bank Branches or the Division of Finance of UTAR, you need to present PDF version of your E-Bill.

You may pay your bill through Public Bank's Internet Banking Service.



By the Management
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman