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Mind Festival VII in Kampar

Representing Perak Menteri Besar Dato' Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry bin Abd Kadir, Perak State Executive Councillor Dato' Dr Mah Hang Soon launched the Festival of the Mind VII at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Perak Campus in Kampar on 8 October 2011.

The two-day festival held over the weekend was organised by Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement (MMLM). In the previous weekend, the first part of the festival was held at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) Main Campus at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

Present at the ceremony were UTAR Council Chairman and MMLM Chairman Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik Chairman and UTAR President Ir Professor Academician Dato' Dr Chuah Hean Teik.

"What makes money for the whole world are ideas, thus a healthy and active mind is the key to developing creative productive people," said Tun Dr Ling in his welcome address, adding that the potential of the brain could be fully realised though mental-literacy improvement techniques and skills.

After the launch, India's memory record holder Anant Kasibhatla wowed the audience when he recited precisely a series of 33 random digits which were given to him by the audience less than two minutes ago. To confirm his mental ability, Anant recited the digits in reverse order precisely.

Mar Thien Ho, another memory wizard, repeated Anant's feat with 22 random alphabet letters. He did it in reverse order, too. Mar was the champion for memory competition in the category of random letters and random words in the Mind Competitions, a prelude of the festival, held by MMLM jointly with UTAR and TARC on 6 August 2011. Other first-prize winners in the competitions were Wong Wan Jiun in the dates and events category, Yip Siow Hong in the random numbers category and Cheah Paik Yoke in 'mind mapping' competition.

"The memory skills can easily be learnt in a day; it just needs practice," said Mar, insisting that everyone could acquire the memorising ability as he could through mastering the right skills. He added, "I began learning mental-literacy skills when I was eight years old. Mastering the skills has helped me excel at my studies in school." He urged parents to encourage their children to take up mental-literacy training and added that children would have the advantage of being more imaginative as memory skills required them to associate words or numbers to be memorised with pictures.

"One's memory can be improved through memory skills, and it is not surprising for one to memorise more than 750 digits in 10 minutes," said Amazing Learning Teq Sdh Bhd direct Yip Siow Hong. Second-year Accounting college student Chew Kin Meng, who learned memory skills at Amazing Learning Teq, said that the skills had helped him in his studies especially Law, Business and Accounting.

The festival attracted visitors from all walks of life ranging from young school-going children to working adults and even retirees. Secondary school counselling teacher Sabariah from Bidor, who came in a group of 38 students and colleagues, said it would be good to introduce mental-literacy training in schools to improve students' learning skills.

Public talks on mind mapping, speed reading and memory improvement which were delivered by mind experts and professionals, workshops and exhibitions were held during the festival.

Launching the Festival (from left): Prof Chuah, Dato' Dr Mah and Tun Dr Ling

Mar showing his certificates of appreciation

In the audience: Yip (left) and Chew

Sabariah (centre) with her colleagues