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  Collaboration with External Parties




A Heart for the Community - July 2017





Talk: Oral Care


Talk: Applied Microbiology: Applications of Endophytic Fungi and Lignocellulolytic Fungi


Talk: CFS Against Bullying


Talk: Rise and Shine: Special Olympics


Talk: The What and Why of PR


Talk: Career Pathway in Business


Talk: Human papillomavirus (HPV) Infection and Cervical Cancer


Talk: The Beauty of the Chinese Language


Talk: The Secret Garden of Plant Science



Talk: Don't Let Them Suffer Alone: Understanding People With Depression and Suicidal Ideations


Talk: The Importance of Biodiversity in Malaysian Agriculture


Talk: Managing the Environment, Safety and Productivity of Building Construction - A Japanese Perspective


Talk: I am an Accountant





Workshop: I'm In Control





Competition: Malaysia Day Essay Competition 2017


Competition: CFS-KPR Writing Contest 2017


Competition: CFS-KPR Radio Play Competition 2017 (A Battle of Voices)


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