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  Bicycle Safety Rules

To all staff and students,

The following "Bicycle Safety rules" are strictly to be adhered for your own safety.


1.   Fix head lights and tail reflectors.

2.   Always obey traffic rules and signs.
3.   Use hand signals before crossing the street and when making a turn.
4.   Before you cross the street, look right, then left, and right again.
5.   When you ride in the streets always ride along the traffic and stay close to the curb.
6.   Always wear something reflective so others can see you.
7.   Keep alert at all times; watch out for potholes, parked cars and anything else that will get in your way.
8.   Keep your bicycles in good condition.
9.   Do not use the mobile phones while cycling.
10. Do not hold on to another vehicle while cycling.

Department of Safety and Security
Kampar Campus 

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