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  Important Announcement

Dear Students, 

Department of Modern Languages (DML) in Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) is going to run the BYE programme from Week 2 of the May trimester. All students who are preparing for their MUET exam should sign up for this programme. It is free of charge, but the students will have to buy a book. DML lecturers will be teaching the programme. It is also for students who need to improve their English for a better academic experience at UTAR. 

They will have to sign up for 3 hours; a 2-hour tutorial and a 1-hour lab session. Numbers are limited, on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Students will receive a certificate of attendance (80% of classes attended), and 5 soft-skill points at the end of the programme. 

They need to register at the FCI-FGO on the 9th Floor of KB Block. The dead line for registration is 8 June 2018 (week 2 Friday). Classes will begin on 4 June 2018 (week 2 Monday

Thank you. 

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