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  Existing Student Info.




UTAR BUS SERVICE On-campus buses servicing university buildings in Sungai Long and nearby residential area. Get the latest bus schedule now. (More Here)


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Sungai Long Campus is situated in an urban township supported by various mode of public transportations - KTM and public buses. (More Here)








STUDENT PORTAL Online service for students to access information ranging from course information to student services. (Enter Now)


STUDENT WEBMAIL Web-based email services for students to receive latest updates and reminders from the University, fellow staffs and friends. (Enter Now)


WEB BASED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (WBLE) Online learning environment for students in accessing the latest course materials and engage in discussion with Academic staffs and friends. (Enter Now)


COURSE REGISTRATION SYSTEM The University provides an online pre-registration system for students to register classes for their next trimester. (Enter Now)





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