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Japanese language
Come learn Japanese here at CEE UTAR, and enjoy your favourite Anime and Manga without subtitles, dubs or translated text to get a more accurate feel and meaning of what you are watching or reading. Beginner to advanced levels available.
RM 488 per participant for each Level

(inclusive of course materials and Certificate of Attendance awarded by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman*)
*Subject to satisfactory attendance & participation.


Course Structure   Duration

  Basic Level 1   30 Hours Participants will be introduced to the Japanese language and all it's components.
  Basic Level 2   30 Hours
  Basic Level 3   30 Hours
  Basic Level 4   30 Hours

Intermediate Level 1   30 Hours This marked a dramatic improvement in speaking, listening and understanding.
Intermediate Level 2   30 Hours
Intermediate Level 3   30 Hours
Intermediate Level 4   30 Hours

Advanced Level 1   30 Hours Fully understand Japanese in all aspects of conversation, reading and listening.
Participants will be able to read and write well.
Advanced Level 2   30 Hours
Advanced Level 3   30 Hours
Advanced Level 4   30 Hours

Japanese Language Video.
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