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August 2019: Semiconductors - Power House behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution

July 2019: "肥"跟你想得不一样?

June 2019: Nursing Home or Home Care with Caregivers – which is better?

May 2019: Should Non-Compliant Taxpayers go for Voluntary Disclosure?

April 2019: Robot Accountants

March 2019: Mobile Learning

February 2019: 现代人的营养不良症

January 2019: Industry 4.0 - Challenges and Opportunities




December 2018: Information Systems Today: Megatrends in the Information Age

November 2018: Inquiry-Based Teaching

October 2018: 认识骨刺

September 2018: Why Martial Arts Matter Nowadays

August 2018: E-Learning

July 2018: Blockchain = or ≠ bitcoin?

June 2018: Customer Service is Not Expensive

May 2018: Language Learning Versus Language Acquisition

April 2018: A Learner-Centred Approach to Material Development

March 2018: Introduction to Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

February 2018: Save Energy, Yes We Can!

January 2018: Productivity Tool - The Eisenhower Decision Matrix




December 2017: Watching Cartoons is Beneficial in Improving English Proficiency

November 2017: How Memory Sport Can Benefit You

October 2017: Aikido – The Peaceful Martial Art

September 2017: 长时间玩手机游戏容易带来颈项不适

August 2017: The Toll of Rabies

July 2017: Strategic Reading

June 2017: Pros and cons of raising a multilingual child

May 2017: Building a Reputation of Integrity

April 2017: Tax Implication – Sole Proprietorship vs Single Person Company

March 2017: How to Claim Bad Debt Relief?

February 2017: Why It Is Important To Develop Leaders at Every Level of Your Organization

January 2017: Microbes: Friends or Enemies? A Chocolaty Connection




December 2016: Listening to Songs to Enhance Vocabulary Knowledge!

November 2016: Lessons from Prison

October 2016: Recent Tax Woes for Medical Profession

September 2016: Introduction to Ocean Energy

August 2016: Code-Switching Among University Students

July 2016: Learn to EXORCISE

June 2016: Towards Sustainable Wastewater Treatment in Malaysia

May 2016: Flipped Teaching / Flipped Learning

April 2016: Diet Myths Versus Facts

March 2016: Lack of Interest Hampers English Language Learning

February 2016: 坐月子,你做对了吗

January 2016: Cloud Computing for enhancing SME performance




December 2015: The Case for Correct Pronunciation

November 2015: Of Crystal Balls and Models

October 2015:
The Gist of UTAR Patented Lightweight Concrete with Bamboo-Plastic Bottles Infill Floating Platform

September 2015: Company Secretary? What is it?

August 2015: Innovation

July 2015: The Professionals in Biomedical Engineering for Medical Devices Regulation

June 2015: Food Addiction - Is it your problem?

May 2015: The Potential of the Global Halal Market

April 2015: 针灸减肥

March 2015: Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Disorder (CAPP)

February 2015: Taxpayers’/Consumers’ Rights under GST Era

February 2015: 乌鸡白凤丸不要乱服!

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