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Part-time Degree

SIEW YOKE HYAN   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

The part-time Chinese Studies degree programme by UTAR CEE has given me the opportunity to fulfil my lifelong dream of completing my tertiary education.
CHEW YEN YEN   Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

I would like to thank UTAR CEE for conducting the part-time degree programme which is suitable for full-time employees. I am so happy that I could finally obtain a Bachelor's degree from UTAR and at the same time gain working experience from my current company. Thank you UTAR, CEE, lecturers and classmates for your support and guidance in my pursuit of the degree programme.
YIN JIN XING   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

YAP KWAI CHIN   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies (First Class Honours)








KALAIVANI A/P KERISNAN   Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting

I would like to thank UTAR for conducting Part Time Degree programme on weekends which has benefited students like me. It is a great platform for those who are working to upgrade their educational level while working. The quality and standard of study in UTAR is high.
OOI LAI SOON   Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

After 4.5 years of hard work and tireless efforts, I am glad that I could join the group of 2,470 students in celebrating their graduation in March 2016. Looking back, the journey wasn't easy and it required high commitment and persistence in achieving what I wanted. However, with the help and assistance from UTAR CEE, lecturers, family members and friends, I managed to walk through this journey with joy and satisfaction. I can remember most of the classes that had been conducted by my lecturers. What I had learned at UTAR was more than the syllabus; it also helped me to excel in my career. To all the people who read this, it’s never too late to start learning new things and never stop from learning because learning is a lifelong process. Keep going and continue learning so that we will stay excellent when we reach the finishing line.

WONG SHEAU EN   Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting

I have finally graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting from UTAR after four years of hard work! The programme allowed me to continue my studies while working full-time. I am grateful that I could obtain the degree and gain some working experience at the same time. I have acquired considerable knowledge and skills in the programme. Thanks to UTAR, the lecturers, the administrative staff and my classmates.


SU YEN HOONG   Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting

I'm glad that I've finally completed my study and graduated from UTAR! I believe that my degree will create a wider career pathway for me in the future.


CHEN KENG LING   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

Five years of tertiary education has greatly enriched my life after retirement. I have acquired a lot of knowledge pursuing a degree course in Chinese Studies. Thank you to UTAR CEE for offering this opportunity, and thanks to all my lecturers who have guided me throughout the course.



LESLIE LOW YOW CHUNG   Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

I have been working and studying hard throughout these years and finally I have graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons). Even though working and studying at the same time was tough, I did learn a lot throughout my studies in UTAR. UTAR has given me what I needed the most which is education. What I had enjoyed the most was the learning process and the opportunity to know a group of good friends who have the same target and goals. The communication skills and knowledge learned from the classes also helped in different real life working situations which are priceless. Thank you UTAR!! 


LAU JIA YAN  Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Looking back, I certainly made the right decision to do my degree in UTAR. The Bachelor of Business Administration programme offered in this university allows me the flexibility to attend classes as well as work. The programme is very structured and gives you what you need to know, easily and conveniently. So far, I don't have a single complaint, and am I very proud to be a student here. 


CHAN BEOW HUI  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies



LOONG MEI CHIUN   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

After five long years, my hard work finally paid off. I felt extremely proud of myself as I managed to earn a bachelor's degree whilst working. It was not easy, definitely. Being a part time student with heavy workload during the weekdays and attending classes over the weekends was not fun at all. It undeniably required high self persistence and motivation. However, I found that mastering Chinese Studies in UTAR has enriched my life. Not only did I learn the language, but I also had a glimpse of philosophy, literature, history, geography and the culture of people from China as well. Apart from that, the course allowed me to extend my possibilities as I learnt Communicative English, Japanese, Mass Communication and Journalism as part of my course requirement. Furthermore, I'm truly lucky to have met excellent lecturers in this university, lecturers who inspired me and broadened my horizon in various ways. Similarly, friends I made here were equally talented and helpful. Their help and mental support meant a lot to me. Thank you UTAR, for bringing the best education to our doorstep.


As the saying goes, the root of education is always bitter but the fruits are sweet.


CHOONG WAI HOONG  Bachelor of of Science (Hons) Construction Management

Without UTAR, I wouldn't have been able to change my career path. Previously, I had worked as a CAD operator in an engineering consultant firm and there was a limit to excel further without any professional qualification. After graduating from UTAR, I was instantly promoted with a better pay and greater learning opportunity. Today, I am happier than ever with the achievement that I have gained.

UTAR's lecturers are well recognised for their experience in teaching. Certainly, UTAR delivers the finest quality and affordable tertiary education in Malaysia. I feel grateful to be one of UTAR's graduates.


TAN SEW LAN   Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies






YAT WEN CHEONG   Bachelor of of Science (Hons) Construction Management

Having worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years, I have possessed the technical skills and the exposure that I needed but I made the decision to further my education because I wanted to improve those skill and knowledge sets that make managers effective as I progress along my career path. The part time program offered by UTAR was exactly what I was looking for: convenient, affordable, and from a nationally ranked university. The course is not only an effective learning tool but it makes taking classes very convenient while working full time and spending time with my wife and three kids. I'm committed to continuous self-improvement in my career and this program is helping me achieve that.

I found that this course not only gave me the ability to recognise what I have learned in my employment in the years, but also has developed skills that I didn't realise I had. My working relationships have improved leaps and bounds. This course has also given me a wider understanding of the business I am currently employed in and the tasks that different positions within my company have to undertake. I feel that I have improved not only as a peer, but also as a manager of people, understanding different needs and wants of people in all positions


AMIR ZAHIRUDDIN B. DIN  Bachelor of of Science (Hons) Construction Management

Studying in UTAR instills more confidence to achieve one's goal for the future.

I started to study in UTAR in 2005 as a full time student. Then I find that as a father with three kids and as a part-time consultant in the construction industry is not that easy for me to cope as a fresh full time student, so I took the option offered by UTAR as a part-time student enrolled in the evening classes.

Starting from here, I managed my study quite well, with friendly classmates who were of the same age and experiences, I felt at ease to study with them. Communication is not a problem at all, in the classroom as well as outside. I find there's no discrimination at all to study in UTAR even though I was the only Malay boy that time.

The teachers were very helpful, very experienced and with the right supportive staff from Centre for Extension Education (CEE), completing the study in UTAR was not a problem. Most important of all, UTAR is an established and recognized university among the top universities in Malaysia, in providing affordable, quality education, and that's the reasons I chose UTAR.

I really enjoyed my study in UTAR. I would recommend UTAR highly to my juniors as the university provides the opportunity for one to progress in one's career via the part-time honours degree programmes.


SURESH A/L KANIAPAN  Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting

UTAR Part-time Honours Degree Programme makes my dream come true. Besides that, through this programme I can see lots of improvement in my personal and career life. I'm really thankful to CEE which has given me this oppurtinity. Furthermore, for the people who want to enhance their life, come over to CEE.


THIAM SOON  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

與人談及 "中文系",人們腦子里迸出的首個印象,不外是詩詞歌賦以及艱澀難懂的古文。這使不少人止步於中文系門外。當初,我亦覺得那僅是文學愛好者的選擇。直到自己親涉這片中文的浩瀚大海,方知中文系是華人都該去走一回的地方。







LYE LOY HOU  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies

It's great. I have received my Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Chinese Studies. It is indeed a moment of utmost delight and happiness for me since it has been my long cherished wish. Utar has helped me to fulfill my dream.  I am feeling more confidence about my future planning.

The Part-time Honours Degree Programmes is very convenient as I can choose the study time without giving up my working hours.  My study was a great and memorable experience for me.

Utar education is affordable. Utar has the reputation of producing great students.  I will positively introduce Utar to all my fellow colleagues and friends who want to upgrade themselves.

Lastly, I shall take this opportunity to thank all of your academic and administrative staff for the wonderful cooperation and support to get my degree.  I really enjoyed studying with Utar.


Professional Qualification


Loh Phaik Siew  Intake: January 2019

ACCA Preparatory Course: Strategic Business Leader (SBL) & Advanced Taxation (ATX) 

I highly recommend students to take Advanced Taxation (ATX) in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) as the lecturer, Mr. Wong Tai Seng, is a knowledgeable person especially in taxation and was always well prepared for class. He also prepared notes, shared his working experiences and updated us with the latest tax court cases which were very useful. Apart from that, challenging questions and analysis of past year questions were also prepared by Mr. Wong, which were very helpful for us to answer examination questions. He also constantly motivated us to study as he always mentioned that self-revision is the key element for us to pass the examination. Overall, the experience of taking ACCA Preparatory Course in UTAR is good.


CATHERINE YECK LIN LIN  Intake: January 2019

ACCA Preparatory Course: Strategic Business Leader (SBL) & Advanced Taxation (ATX) 

I really like the environment in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). This is a great study experience for me. The facilities here are good and functional. The tutors are also quite close to their students. They have put a lot of effort into the subject to help students to have a better understanding of the concepts. Now, I have a better understanding of the subject.


Ooi Mian Mian  Intake: January 2019

ACCA Preparatory Course: Strategic Business Leader (SBL)  

I would like to thank Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) for conducting a meeting with ACCA Malaysia which has benefited students like me. It is a great platform for those who are studying ACCA Preparatory Course to upgrade their knowledge on ACCA courses and also provide feedback to ACCA Malaysia on the problems that they faced. It is the best way to minimise the gap between ACCA Malaysia and students. Furthermore, the course was comprehensive and the tutors were really helpful as they shared their knowledge, experience and techniques on how to answer questions and manage time efficiently.


Farm Voon Chun  Intake: January 2019

ACCA Preparatory Course: Strategic Business Leader (SBL) 

The ACCA Preparatory Course conducted by the tutor and Centre for Extension Education (CEE) is comprehensive. The tutor is able to teach the syllabus in BPP textbook and also guide students on how to answer the examination questions correctly. Besides that, the tutor also evaluates and gives advice after marking the students’ mock examination. Moreover, CEE provided a fixed schedule and venue for students to learn in a comfortable classroom. Overall, the thorough course is carried out in a timely manner.


ACCA Preparatory Course  Intake: February 2017

ACCA Preparatory Course: Governance, Risk & Ethics (P1) 

  • Mr Ng is very experienced and energetic. Able to give a lot of real life examples which is more practical rather than theoretical. 
  • Simplicity is what I would describe Mr Ng. I can understand the concept better with his broad knowledge. 
  • The knowledge Mr Tung has is beyond the manual book (P1). In other words, I am able to acquire additional knowledge from him that the book could not provide. 

ACCA Preparatory Course: Business Analysis (P3) 

  • Has a very good knowledge of the syllabus, and most students understand this subject. 

LEELA SURESH KEE   (ICSA Corporate Financial Management)

I am so happy that I have finally passed the CFM paper after attending the CFM course in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman last year. I would like to thank my lecturer Mr Tee Pek Ling for his guidance and support throughout the course. I really appreciate it.


THUANG XIAO MEI   (ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics)

I am honoured to have Mr Ng Kean Kok as my P1 lecturer. I love the way he taught us by relating it to life experience. Mr Ng has made the class so interesting and the notes are brief and precise. Overall, I would highly recommend students to take P1 professional paper in UTAR.  


JOSEPH LEE JING HUE  (ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics)

The coverage of the topic is sufficient. Most importantly the facilitator, Mr Ng, provided us with adequate short notes which are useful and I find the course tailored to students like me, pursuing ACCA while attending my full time degree classes. 


LEE GUAN JOO   (ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics)

The ACCA class for P1 taught by Mr Ng Kean Kok was really what I needed for the exams. With insight knowledge and personal experience, Mr Ng managed to guide all of us for our P1 exam. The notes are brief and precise. The case studies provided helped a lot as they exposed us to real life examples which we could use in answering the paper. Overall, the class is good. I would definitely recommend students who would want to take up P1 to take the classes. 


TAN LUAN PING   (1) (ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics) (2) (ACCA P3 Business Analysis)

My greatest appreciation to UTAR for granting me the scholarship to undertake the ACCA course. I've taken P1 and P3 papers during the last seating and passed. The lecturer was experienced and notes given were comprehensive. No doubt, self-revision is necessary to complete the recipe for success


SUSAN KWEK  SIOK SUAN  ICSA Corporate Financial Management

If you are taking the CFM examination, I would recommend UTAR CFM classes. I have taken the class and passed! The subject is covered quite comprehensively plus the notes and practice questions are complete. All you have to do is study and understand the lessons. 


THONG YEAN JING  (1) (ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics) (2) (ACCA P3 Business Analysis)

I have taken my ACCA P1 and P3 professional qualification programmes in UTAR. The experience studied at there was nice. Most of the classmates were also UTAR alumni and the lecturers could able to link our study experience during the degree course in UTAR with the ACCA professional study more effectively. The classes were not too big so that lecturer could pay more focus on the each student's progress. The lecturers also would monitor our performance through giving us the progress practices during the class and provide us some feedbacks on the way we answer the questions. They also will link some of the syllabus by providing some real business cases to us for our easy understanding and comprehension.


Corporate Training


First City University College  Creativity & Innovation in Teaching (9 & 10 August 2017)

  • Helpful to improve my teaching delivery. 
  • Good presenter and good educator. Always smile and share related experiences.  
  • Dr Carmen is very knowledgeable on the topic that she delivered plus there are interesting teaching creative methods that could apply in my class. Overall, the training is excellent.  
  • The programme is well prepared and the contents are interesting. 

Biro Pengaduan Awam, Jabatan Perdana Menteri  Buzan Brainsmart Techniques and Creativity for Thinking Organisations (27 & 28 March 2017)

  • Excellent workshop. It helped me to open my mind and look at things more holistically.  
  • Excellent trainer. 
  • Very good course! 

DATAPREP SDN BHD  Effective Business Communication (4 & 5 August 2016)

  • Excellent – Recommend him(the trainer) for other development courses. 
  • Good course to improve on writing skills in English. 

DATAPREP (M) SDN BHD    Customer Satisfaction Skills (8 & 15 Jan 11)

  • Very positive course, I would recommend others to attend.

  • Good. Recommend others to attend this course.

  • The course delivered so good.


DATAPREP (M) SDN BHD   Customer Satisfaction Skills (29 Jan & 12 Feb 11)

  • Very good course to attend

  • Enjoyed the training so much, learnt many new things

  • Full with information and able to give chance for us to improve ourselves. Good presentations and well done.

  • This course is really helpful and builds up my confident level to manage customer.

  • Interesting presentation.

  • Mr Goh seems to be very knowledgeable and full of valuable experience.

  • Mr Goh seems to be very knowledgeable and ready to answer any kind of questions from the audience.


DATAPREP (M) SDN BHD    Customer Satisfaction Skills (26 Feb & 2 Apr 11)

  • It's a good course and very suitable especially for those who liaise directly with customer on daily jobs

  • I would like to attend this programme again

  • Suggest to all staffs take this course

  • Very good and knowledgeable

  • I have obtained a lot of information on how to manage customer


DATAPREP (M) SDN BHD    Customer Satisfaction Skills (9 & 16 Apr 2011) 

  • The training was very useful and since I'm working in a call centre, this training helped me to gain my knowledge on how to deliver a professional customer service skills. Thanks to Mr Goh and the management.

  • A good programme

  • Gain more knowledge through this programme


UOB  The Buzan Techniques: Mind Mapping & Creativity (14 & 15 July 2011)

  • Very useful tool for studying

  • Very interesting and very good

  • Very useful to adopt in our daily task, perhaps this course can be conduct in 3 days duration.

  • Excellent in all application


Public Training


YOGESH A/P LOGANATHAN Customer Service Excellence

We love her!! She is so fun! Would love to attend more of her training.


KAVITHA SABALINGAM  Customer Service Excellence

One of the best training programmes I have ever attended. Thank you!



The Best EVER!!! All the best! Thank you for the training!


HAMIZAH ANUAR  Customer Service Excellence

Good, easy to understand and gain more knowledge about customer service.


NUR SOLEHAH BINTI AZLAN  Customer Service Excellence

The course is so happening with awesome facilitator.


THONG VIE HONG  Customer Service Excellence

Very great course, did have fun time rather than serious time. Completely didn’t expect to be a fun course. Nice food, nice lecturer, nice people around here.


SURIANA GHANI   Writing Excellent Minutes and Reports

Well-taught programme. Trainer is well-versed on the contexts of the programme. The delivery was also good and impressive.


NAZREENA RIZA   Writing Excellent Minutes and Reports

Great session presented by the facilitator. It is beneficial for me to implement this at work. Help improved my skill and knowledge in writing minutes & report in the best manner with proper English writing.


HON MEI CHEN   Writing Excellent Minutes and Reports

Excellent teacher who gives us a lot of ideas on how to improve our language and contents.


SEAH KOON CHOI   Writing Excellent Minutes and Reports

The training is very informative.


FARIDAH MANSOR   Malaysian Private Entity Reporting Standards (MPERS) (23 & 24 January 2017)

The session is very informative. We gained the practical side of MPERS unlike previous seminars which only highlighted the theory.


MR FOO TUN TECK   Malaysian Private Entity Reporting Standards (MPERS)

Very enlightening & very much relevant to my practice. With this small group, easier to understand on matters highlighted.


MR THIRU KUMARAN A/L KRISHNAN   Malaysian Private Entity Reporting Standards (MPERS)

It was a very efficient course and I learnt as much as in my career.


MR TAN YONG CHEN   Malaysian Private Entity Reporting Standards (MPERS)

Good. Keep on improving.


EMIR AIMAN BIN NASIR   Improve Your English in a Fun Way

The activities are very fun and enjoyable, requiring quick thinking and teamwork. The facilitators are very enthusiastic and reliable.


FAIZ   Improve Your English in a Fun Way

So much fun and awesome!


AMEERA MAISARA BT. ABDUL WALIT   Improve Your English in a Fun Way

This program can improve my English.


KOREAN LANGUAGE CAMP  15 December 2012

  • It's a good camp. It is enough to make me interested to learn Korean Language. It is good that the course is held in the weekend.

  • Great Korean language Camp! Nice game too!

  • Very good experienced approach for student to remember and integrate the learning.

  • Able to apply knowledge immediately. Please continue to make it fun. This promotes interaction among students which helps to embed learning faster.

  • You should organise these events more often.

  • Quite a good workshop for beginners.

  • Keep up the good work.

  • It's nice.

  • I finally understand how to read and write Korean.

  • Good job! Keep it up!



Very timely to have such a programme for members of NGOs by Welfare Department as the skills and knowledge on Fundraising is very important and significant. Welfare Department is congratulated for bringing UTAR to reach out more to the NGOs. Please do more of such programmes.


YONG ENG HONG  Fundraising for NGOs

The programme is very good and beneficial to all organisations.


ONG SHENG YIH    Writing for the Media

Much better than expected! Mr. Kee did an excellent job! He is very experienced and pleasant.


FONG YUEN SHEN    Writing Creatively

The class was great. I learnt a whole lot and I'm pretty sure, none of my friends know these secrets. I'm writing so much better than I did before.


JACLYN ASHA JOSEPH    The Buzan Techniques: Mind Mapping & Creativity

I enjoyed myself very much for the past 2 days. The facilitator was very experienced and on time for all the classes. The facilitator, Mr. KC Liew was fun and joyful and I would definitely come back again for courses like this.


Short Course


CHEN ZHE SHENG   English Enhancement Programme (Elementary Stage 1)

When I was in Elementary 1, I learnt many things. First, I learnt about the eight parts of speech. Next, I learnt about possessive nouns and adverbs of frequency. I also learnt new writing and listening skills. In the class, I was given ample speaking opportunities, I enjoyed learning in the English Enhancement Programme Elementary stage 1. I learnt many new things which I did not know when I was in Taiwan.


DEV YOUNESH A/L GANESH   IELTS Preparatory Workshop

I have recently attended an IELTS Workshop at UTAR. The application for the workshop was submitted by my mother (Jasmin Devi). I found the workshop extremely helpful as I was able to comprehend how the papers will be assessed. Moreover, the presentation during the IELTS workshop was thorough and a few do's and don'ts were advised which was really helpful. After attending the workshop, I have acquired a better insight about the IELTS examination and I would really like to thank Ms Tayany and Ms Kalai for making this possible.


UMAH A/P P. PERUMAL   English Enhancement Programme (Advanced level)

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to UTAR CEE for organising such a course. After attending this course, I came to realise that age is not at all a barrier to learning. I am so glad that I am accepted among the younger generations as their classmate which used to be my major worry before I enrolled into English Enhancement Programme (EEP). My achievement today is not only due to my hardwork but also my instructor, Ms Kalai, who had guided me throughout this course. There are no words to describe the knowledge, experience and teamwork that I have gained from this class. It was fun! Thank you.


SU YUM MYAT SOE   Mandarin Basic Level 1 – Intake: 10 June 2017

This course had helped/supported me in my Mandarin skills in terms of pronunciation, writing and communicating.


HO XIN YONG  Audit Express Workshop

The AXP Workshop conducted by CEE has given me an opportunity to gain insights about the use of audit software in assisting audit work. I believe that this would be extremely useful in preparing me for my upcoming industrial training with a company. Besides that, my trainer is friendly and keen to share his valuable experiences as an auditor throughout the workshop. He has managed to make the workshop interesting and enjoyable despite the long hours. Therefore, I would strongly recommend all Accounting students, particularly those who intend to join an audit firm upon graduating, to sign up for the AXP Workshop.


CHAN CHIOU HWA   Audit Express Workshop

The Audit Express programme offered by CEE is really useful for students. Through this programme, I am able to understand more comprehensively about the practical way to perform audit procedures and this has enhanced my knowledge on auditing subject. The software is also well designed and I appreciate the automation feature of the software which eases the audit work and helps to save time. Thus, I strongly recommend this programme as it can expose us to the computerized auditing practices which are particularly useful during working time in future.


CHAN CHIOU HWA  Audit Express Workshop

By joining this Audit Express Workshop, I have learnt the practical way of performing audit process and procedures. The knowledge on the auditing software has helped me to be well-prepared for the industrial training as an audit trainee later and also for the future job. The overall teaching method and the way of interaction with students during the workshop are good. Accounting students are encouraged to join this workshop to gain practical knowledge on auditing software.


TAN SHI YI  Audit Express Workshop

Audit Express is a good programme where we are exposed to how audit is assisted through software programme in the business world.  The programme offers a good hands-on experience for us. What we have learned from the workshop was only the tip of the iceberg. I'm looking forward to learning more about what the programme can do. Thank you CEE for organising this workshop.


LIM YI   Audit Express Workshop

It was really an eye-opening experience attending this workshop as I had the opportunity to be exposed to the real life audit practices. Really appreciate everything that I learnt throughout the workshop that enhances my audit knowledge. So much thanks to UTAR CEE who organized this AXP programme and I would say it's really worthwhile to enroll in it.


LIM CHEE KITT   Audit Express Workshop

This workshop was truly amazing. Who would have known that auditing would be made so easy. Now having this knowledge helps me get auditing work done so efficiently. I was pretty surprised that this software (Audit Express) was fairly compatible with UTAR's low grade PCs. It only further proves what a great software this is. Generating audit reports is just ONE click away!!!


LOH CHOON LIN  Audit Express Workshop

First of all, I would like to thank UTAR CEE for organizing the Audit Express Workshop. I am happy and glad to be one of the top scorers for the workshop. Thank you to the workshop trainer, Ms. Irene, who has guided me all the way throughout the workshop. After attending the workshop, I have gained basic knowledge on how the audit procedures are being carried out in actual workplace. I believe what I learned from the workshop will equip me well for my Industrial Training in the near future. I highly recommend Audit Express Workshop to accounting students.


LEE HAN WEN   Audit Express Workshop

The workshop allowed me to gain an appreciation of the automation tools available that greatly speed up time consuming routine tasks during an audit. Things like the generation of audit plans and audit reports have never been done so swiftly or effortlessly!


LEE SEE WAI  Audit Express Workshop

It's a great opportunity and pleasure for me to participate in this Audit Express Workshop. As an accounting student, I'm very interested in accounting and auditing subjects. Since I took the Auditing subject last semester, I came across many auditing theories and standards. Nevertheless, I was wondering how audit works in practical workplace. Only after I took part in this program, I found the way auditing works in practical. A big thank you for the experienced instructor, Chi, as he has well guided me throughout the workshop. He responded well to every question raised by students. The software is also well designed and interactive which is really helpful for a beginner like me. Overall, it's really a good program that is worthwhile for students, either accounting or non-accounting students, to join and learn.


TAN JU LYN  Audit Express Workshop

First of all, I am glad that I could be one of the top scorers for this Audit Express Workshop. This workshop training is very useful to the students who are taking accounting course, especially for those who plan to join the audit firm in future. This workshop provides a basic understanding of the audit software and with this knowledge, I believe that the students would have an advantage over the others. Therefore, I strongly recommend accounting students to enroll in such useful workshop.


LEE WEI HAN  Audit Express Workshop

This Audit Express Workshop is really useful for the accounting students, especially those who are interested in joining audit firm in the future. This Workshop offers hands-on experience on the Audit Express, the automated auditing software, as well as provides the exposure to the current auditing practices and procedures. Accounting students are encouraged to take this Workshop because they will have an advantage over the others and will adapt better to the computerized auditing practices when they come out to work later.


TAN SEE WEI    Audit Express Workshop

I am very grateful that I could be one of the top scorers for this Audit Express Workshop. I would like to encourage those accounting students that have not enrolled in this Workshop to join this training program. This Workshop provides the basic understanding regarding the audit software as well as the computerized auditing practices that might be useful for us in the future. The knowledge gained from this Workshop would be helpful to us during our internship or working life. We will have an advantage over other applicants who do not have this knowledge during the application of the job because the employers or bosses will tend to employ someone with this knowledge as they do not need to provide additional training for us. In short, I strongly agree that the accounting students should enroll in this Audit Express Workshop.


PAULINE LAI CHOY LIAN    Mandarin Basic (Level 1)

A very comprehensive course made effective by a very good teacher who goes down to the level of a beginner. He encourages students with positive remarks. At the same time, Mr Chin is strict in a subtle way demanding that practice makes perfect


JASON TEO HAN LI   Mandarin Basic (Level 1)

Keep up the good work!

Very helpful & practical course


ROSALIND SEE SU LEEN    Mandarin Basic (Level 1)

Facilitator showed patience and provided encouragement to students during the course of the programme.


DANNY TAN CHWEE LIANG    Mandarin Basic (Level 1)

It has been an enriching experience learning the language. The course in practical and useful to me.


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