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14 November 2017
Let's share our experiences with GST!

A Chartered Accountant with a Masters of Taxation and Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Annie Chua... (Read More)



Mandarin Enhancement Programme



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31 October 2017
Financial Planning Career Talk

What is financial planning? What criteria are considered by a Registered Financial Planner (RFP)? As defined... (Read More)


30 October 2017

眼睛常被人们称为心灵的窗户,它不仅让我们认识这个绚丽多彩的世界,还可以透过这扇窗户洞察他人的言语是否是谎言,所以我们... (Read More)





Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, through its Centre for Extension Education (CEE), offers a range of highly practical and effective programmes such as Mental Literacy, Project Management, People Management, Personal Effectiveness, Language and Communication to enable individuals and organisations to achieve greater cost effectiveness through the transferring of knowledge and skills in the workplace.





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