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14 June 2016


The Revival of Bicycle as a Green and Sustainable Means of Transport for Neighbourhood Travel

In a bid to shed light on the myriad positive effects that bicycle has as a mode for short distance neighbourhood transportation, Centre for Extension Education (CEE) in collaboration with Centre for Sustainable Development...


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English Immersion Programme




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10 June 2016


Creativity: Transforming Lives for the Future

Creativity is inborn for everyone in this world, yet many people fail to realise this. Instead, they perceive themselves as not creative. In his talk on ‘Creativity: Transforming Lives for the Future’, Professor Dr Ananda Kumar...


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11-18 May 2016


Josai International University, 3rd Tourism Study Tour in Malaysia 2016

It has always been exciting when students from Josai International University (JIU) come to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). Bringing the same excitement on 11 May 2016, 35 JIU students, along with two accompanying professors...


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14 May 2016


Improve Your English in a Fun Way 2.0

The presence of 55 students aged 8 to 20 at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Sungai Long Campus on 14 May 2016 were felt when they participated energetically in activities like solving puzzles and building English vocabulary...


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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, through its Centre for Extension Education (CEE), offers a range of highly practical and effective programmes such as Mental Literacy, Project Management, People Management, Personal Effectiveness, Language and Communication to enable individuals and organisations to achieve greater cost effectiveness through the transferring of knowledge and skills in the workplace.





The Centre for Extension Education (CEE) is an Approved Training Provider under the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources. CEE offers a variety of cutting-edge professional and personal development programmes in response to changes in a globalised world and people's changing lifestyles. The programmes offered range from business and technology management to liberal arts and humanities, from on-site customised corporate training to mixed-mode learning to cater to the diverse needs of individuals, communities and corporations.




If you are taking the CFM examination, I would recommend UTAR CFM classes. I have taken the class and passed! The subject is covered quite comprehensively plus the notes and practice questions are complete. All you have to do is study and understand the lessons.



ICSA Corporate Financial Management professional qualification programme

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